Pay it forward

Random Acts of Kindness : Owl

Random Acts of Kindness : Owl (Photo credit: ericarhiannon)

You know, returning the favor, doing a good deed, even a random act of kindness.  Those are all ways we can pass along a little bit of our own good fortune.  Not too long ago, I was the one in need of a helping hand.  I didn’t have a car and couldn’t really afford to buy one.  I had a couple of good friends who were always there for me when I needed them (you both know who you are).  They took me places that were not always easy to reach on the bus or by walking…and they did it often.  They certainly made my life easier during that time and I’ll always be grateful to them.

Now I’m in a better place financially…have a good car and a little money put back.  So when my neighbor asked me yesterday if I could take her to the grocery store this afternoon, I didn’t even have to think about it.  I told her I’d be glad to do it.  And I really meant it.  I gave it some thought in the evening, recognizing that I didn’t feel pressured to do it or that I was being used.

As I continued to mull it over, I realized this was my way, not of paying my friends back (this won’t help them in any way at all), but I guess it’s kind of my way of paying the universe back.  I’ve often heard the phrase “pay it forward” and this is exactly what it’s about.  You return the favor to someone else entirely, someone who had nothing to do with helping you out originally.  My hope is that this lady may do some act of kindness for someone else in the future, but if not, that’s okay too.  If even half of us would do something nice for someone else can you imagine how much better our world would be?

Anyhow, this isn’t to demand that you go out and perform good deeds.  I’m simply throwing out there the thought of doing what you can to help someone else when the opportunity arises.  I kind of think you end up gaining more from it than the person you help does.  Have you ever had that experience when helping someone out?

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  1. Yes, it is truly better to give than to receive.

  2. When I bought my first and probably only new car, I asked God to bless it before leaving the car lot. That car is still going after 16 years and it has been places that I wouldn’t have driven myself. When Hannah was born in Maryland, I had that car to go see her, my son and his wife were able to take a trip to Pennsylvania, it went to the Nascar races, Gatlinburg, etc. The old Ford doesn’t look so good now, but it sure has been a blessing. You will reap rewards for your kindness.

  3. Such goodness. Made my heart smile. I understand car probs and know that vulnerability. Glad you are doing better and you are such a blessing!

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