Here’s to a healthy September

I like this take on the traditional food pyram...

I like this take on the traditional food pyramid – note the incorporation of water (and tea, it says) along with physical exercise at the top. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hard to believe it’s September, isn’t it?  Where in the world did the summer disappear to?  Since seeing my doctor last week, I’ve decided to rededicate myself to living a little healthier.  You know the drill, eat better, move more, go to sleep earlier, reduce stress.  We all know that’s how to be healthier, but it’s easier to talk about it than it is to actually do it.

Anyhow, when I saw my doctor, we talked about my pain and sleep issues.  Of course, my weight has to have some impact on everything.  I promised her I’d work on eating better and exercising more.  She’s very understanding about how difficult it is to exercise vigorously when I’m in so much pain.  She did suggest several forms of exercise that are a little gentler on my joints, so now I really have no excuse.

I started the month off with my calorie intake at the low-end of the range and 35 minutes of walking.  And of course, I visited to log everything.  Now to get some sleep…

Do you guys try to lose weight before the holidays so you can splurge a little at all of those holiday shindigs?  I’ve  done that in years gone by, not sure how well it worked for me though.  I think this year I’m just going to try to eat healthy most of the time and have a little something extra maybe once a week…so Donna, maybe you shouldn’t bring your delicious peanut butter cookies to work…


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  1. I’ve found it doesn’t work (for me) to vary my diet as you mentioned, cutting down before the holidays then eating whatever I want. One year I set a goal to lose weight over the holidays, rather than gaining, and that was the best thing I ever did. Once I fall out of my routine, it’s all downhill. I need to get back on track–in more ways than one! I stopped logging my daily calories, slacked on the exercise, and it shows.

    • I remember actually losing weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas one year…what I’d really like to do is just get to a good weight and then manage to stay there. Sheesh…other people do it…but, for us, it’s so easy to slip back into those old habits…

      • Just getting there–we won’t give up trying! If we didn’t have our physical limitations, we could be more faithful with exercise, but some days it’s just not wise to force it. We just have to keep our focus on those days.

      • We most certainly won’t give up! Right now I’m just trying to get back to a place where I can have enough energy to make it through my daily life. But you’re right, we have to listen to our bodies and not push it on the bad days.

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