South of Normal

Español: Frontera entre Nicaragua y Costa Rica...

Español: Frontera entre Nicaragua y Costa Rica En el Río San Juan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First off, don’t you just love the title?  Because, after all, if you’re reading this blog, chances are you, too, are more than a little south of normal.  Unfortunately, I can’t take any credit (not even a little bit) for that title.  That goes to Mr. Norm Schriever, author and adventurer.  This guy gave up his big-bucks job in corporate America (who hasn’t considered doing that?), sold almost everything he had, and made off for little old Costa Rica for a year-long adventure.  He had three goals that he wanted to meet before his fortieth birthday.  Now I’m not going to tell you whether or not he achieved what he set out to achieve, but I will tell you that he had some pretty wild goings-on while living in Central America.  And this book will take you along for the ride.

I happened upon the book while browsing ebooks on Amazon…downloaded it to my kindle and began reading it the same day.  It took me a couple of days to finish it…I could have finished it in one day, but it was one of those books that I didn’t want to end.  I’m sure you’ve come across those types of books where you try not to rush through it because you know you just don’t want the relationship to end.

Speaking of relationships, Norm’s style of writing reminds me of the times when I get together with my old friends from the Little Italy days…we sit around talking and laughing, eating and drinking, and it’s like we’ve never been apart.  I felt that same kind of relationship with Norm while reading his book.

I don’t often recommend books here (if you knew how many books I’ve read, you’d think I’d write about more of them), but this is one book I think so many of you would like.  If you’re a writer, you’ll definitely want to read South of Normal.  If you’ve ever considered chucking it all and moving to the back of nowhere, you’ll be interested in Norm’s story.  If you’ve ever searched (or thought about searching) for the meaning of life, well then, I think you’ll want to see what Norm has to say about that.  Pick it up, come on, do it right now while you’re thinking about it.  Then come back here and let me know what you think.

Now I need to start selling all of my stuff and make my flight plans for somewhere tropical where I can get my book finished and practice my Spanish…

4 Responses

  1. Love the title, thanks for sharing. I’ll have to check into it.

  2. Thanks so much for writing such a nice blog about my book, Patti! I really appreciate the love. In terms of the title, you know originally I was going to call it “Get Happy.” (Blahhhhh!!!!) And then as I was almost finished with the book I saw a couple other books come out with the same name. So I started brainstorming and made a list with a few words I wanted to combine into a title to convey the meaning: tropics, ocean, Pacific, exotic, etc. Eventually I came up with South of Normal and saw that there was only one small play with the same name (at the time.) Eureka! I literally jumped out of my desk seat I was so excited about the name, but I sort of stumbled upon it by messing around like that.

    Thanks again and please keep in touch!

    • Thanks for stopping by…great story about how you came up with the title and great advice about how to fool around until I can come up with a title that perfectly conveys the story! Keep writing, Norm…looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures.

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