Nightmare in B’town

Dr. House's Vicodin Dream

Dr. House’s Vicodin Dream (Photo credit: Totally Severe)

I saw the rheumatologist on Thursday.  After talking about how much pain I’m in every day, she gave me a prescription for Vicodin.  Am I like the only person who had never taken this stuff before?  Seems like everyone I work with had taken it and had either advice or horror stories to share with me.  I picked up the prescription after I got off work on Friday and took one when I got home (I avoid trying new meds until I’m at home and don’t have to go anywhere…you never know what’s going to happen).

I went about my evening and, a couple of hours later, noticed that my pain levels had diminished…okay, that’s a good thing, right?  I felt a little bit odd, but still…nothing too bad.  When I went to bed, I read for a while.  When I felt like I could go to sleep, I turned the light off and settled down to try to sleep.  Of course, Spook and Scout were right there with me.

Well, I tossed and turned, unable to go to sleep.  I eventually turned the light back on and read a little more, then tried the whole going to sleep thing again.    This time, there were fragmented pictures flashing behind my eyes, one after another, so fast I couldn’t really see what the pictures were of.  Then suddenly a deformed monkey reached out for me…he was clearly visible, then he disappeared and the broken pictures began falling apart and reforming behind my eyes.  All of a sudden, a face, with mouth wide open in a scream, surged toward me before spinning away only to be replaced by the pieces of pictures again.

This went on all night, every time I closed my eyes to try to go to sleep.  I must have finally dozed off.  When I woke up there was a pool of blood right where Spooky had been sleeping by my pillow.  I began calling for her, worried about her.  There was no way a kitty as little as she is could lose that much blood and still be alive.  When she walked up from the foot of the bed, I had to check her over.  Of course, everything was fine.  Oh…and when I glanced at the pool of blood…yeah, you got it…it was gone.

I kind of felt like I was playing a part in a Stephen King book.  Hey, wait…I can probably use this in a book…perhaps a bit more gruesome than my normal writing, but when you have the story line you need to run with it.  Oh…and…uh….yeah, I didn’t take the Vicodin before I went to bed last night.  Thought I could do without another nightmare in B’town.

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  1. As one with severe arthritic pain; I was hesitant about taking Vicodin based on second hand reports. Your post has just sealed it for me….no Vicodin. This is anecdotal; but years ago while hospitalized after surgery–I was given Percocet for pain. That night, I had the light over my bed on and the room was dark. The curtain was slightly open and as I laid there; I saw dwarfs similar to the ones in Snow White…peek around the curtain and disappear. This went on for what seemed forever (probably a few minutes) Eventually, the dwarfs started morphing into trolls. I pulled the covers over my head and the next morning I reported what happened to one of the nurses. When my doctor made his rounds…he simply stated “no more of those for you” and chuckled. What is it with these opiates? I don’t see how people can get addicted when some of the side effects are so daunting. I have severe osteoarthritis and folks …it is no joke!
    My best wishes for you.

    • Aww…dwarfs and trolls…I hear you…I’ve been wondering if people actually take these drugs to have the hallucinations…and then, why? I will definitely be asking my doctor about trying something else when I see her tomorrow. I’m glad you stopped by and I certainly hope you’re able to find something to relieve your pain…I agree with you, this isn’t a joke…it HURTS!!

  2. Call that doctor right now and tell her what happened. She may be able to suggest an alternative. You HAVE to be able to sleep. And you don’t need to be hallucinating all over the place, either.

    • Well…I wasn’t exactly hallucinating all over the place…just in my bed (I think)…I see my regular doc in the morning, so I’m definitely going to talk to her about this. You’re right, I really need to be able to sleep.

  3. I had a repeating nightmare, same thing every time I took a Rx pain med and went to sleep after surgery. I agree, you should mention it to your doctor.

    • I’ve since heard that it’s not uncommon to hallucinate with Vicodin…why hadn’t I heard that before? I’ll be discussing what else we can try when I see my doctor in the morning.

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