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English: A handyman project was to de-clutter ...

English: A handyman project was to de-clutter a basement which tends to get filled with things when it’s not certain whether to throw or keep them. When a basement becomes too cluttered, it’s hard to find things that are really needed. One way is to move clutter to a second location where it can be sorted into two piles (1) trash (2) items to keep. Source of picture: here (see public domain declaration). Questions: write to my Wikipedia page or email me at (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I could say that about so many things in my life, but today I’m once again talking about clutter.  Since I’ve been not-so-healthy for about 8 months now, I haven’t been able to do much more than the basics in housecleaning.  I see things I’d like to tackle, knowing I could either donate or sell so many things that I no longer use (you know, that whole downsizing thing), but I just don’t have the energy to start.  Not being willing to spend the money it would cost to hire someone to help…okay, not willing and really not able to afford it…I’ve been trying to devise a plan that would enable me to accomplish at least a little each week.

Here is the beginning of that plan:

1.  Five days a week (2 days off work and my choice of 3 work days depending on how I’m feeling), find 5 things to get out of my house.  If they are things to be donated, take them out to the car immediately to drop off at either Goodwill or the office of the complex where I live.  If they’re things to be sold, take pictures, decide where I’m going to sell them, then either list the items or post the pictures.  Be sure to keep a file on items to be sold, price, where advertised, when posted, etc.

2.  The other 2 days a week, gather up 5 magazines to take to work to put in the break room.

That’s it so far…kind of funny/sad  that I can’t go through an entire closet in a day or completely clean a room, top to bottom on my day off.  Right now, I’m going to go into the kitchen and put some eggs on to boil for work for the next few days.  While they’re on the stove, I’m going to tackle a pile of paper that’s been sitting on the counter bugging the heck out of me for about a week now.  I have to accept what I can and can’t do right now…but I can’t just give in to this blasted pain every day either.

I did halfway clean out the fridge this morning before I went grocery shopping.  I think that counts, don’t you?


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  1. Patti, I’d be more than happy to come down and help you sometime. I know if I’m just sick for a few days, the surroundings start to close in on me. Just let me know with a day or two notice.

    • Thanks, Margaret…I may take you up on that some time…I’m planning to take a few days off in September, so maybe I’ll be able to do a little more then…

  2. Be gentle with yourself! You have had a long year. Do whatever little steps you feel up to as they will add up to big ones! I have not been fighting illness and still have trouble finding the energy and motivation to hoe out the clutter! Sending hugs and positive energy your way!

  3. Cleaning out the fridge counts! It takes awhile to get used to the idea that we can’t do things like we used to. Little by little, it all comes together. The hard part is knowing when to stop sometimes.

  4. Cleaning the fridge definitely counts! Not fond of that job myself. Don’t push yourself too hard. You really can make great progress doing clean outs a bit at a time. Doesn’t seem so overwhelming and much easier to find time to do it.

    • I don’t know anyone who enjoys cleaning the fridge…although I do know people who enjoy cleaning the house. I don’t understand them, but they probably don’t understand me either.

  5. Good luck with your plan! Celeste 🙂

    • I haven’t totally stuck to it on a daily basis, but I have managed to get a few things cleaned out…even found a cute little bookmark that my little friend Claire will like…kitties running thru flowers and as you move the bookmark you can actually see the kitties running…fun! I’d forgotten I’d even bought the thing…so doesn’t sound like I really need it, does it? But I think Claire will get a kick out of it.

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