Not feeling all that neighborly

Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods (Photo credit: Sherlock77 (James))

Some new neighbors moved in next door to me the first of June.  I had my doubts about them when I saw them moving in, but hey, I’ll give anyone a chance.  And, when people move, they often have friends and family help them, so you don’t really know who all’s going to be living there until the move-in is complete.

Within two weeks I knew my first impression was correct.  These people are inconsiderate (outside yelling in the middle of the night, slamming the doors at all hours of the day and night), rude (moving my things on my half of the patio…I would never touch another person’s property as long as it was in their own space), loud, scary (people stop by and they practically get into fights on the front lawn while the little girl who lives there is outside crying and screaming).

Last night, at 2:30 am, I was awakened by more door slamming (repeatedly) and yelling.  And then, once it was all over, I couldn’t go back to sleep.  Great, just what I need, right?  One of my friends told me I should just go over there and tell them that if they can’t stop acting that way, I’ll call the police and child protective services.  And that sounds like the grown-up thing to do, doesn’t it?  However, they’re not the type of people who would listen and they would not hesitate to “make me pay”  for my interference.  I would hate to have them break into my house while I’m at work and hurt Spook or Scout.

The guy who lives a few doors down complained to the office about these people and they didn’t want to do anything about it.  So I can’t imagine they’d be any more inclined to listen to me.  I’m not the type of person who files complaints about the neighbors very often but I think I’m going to have to do it anyhow.  Then, if that doesn’t work, I really need to start thinking about finding another place to live…someplace quiet and peaceful, away from people.  Now where exactly would I find a place like that?  A little cabin in the woods?  Hmm…that sounds ideal right about now.  Might not be so perfect in the middle of winter after a heavy snowfall though…


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  1. Hmm. Well Patti, first off, I think you’re smart not to be a tattle tale. It seems to me they’re likely related to the office people. I’d smile, wave, and be so friendly with them. Behind their backs, however, I’d start a youtube channel called “My Rude Inconsiderate Neighbors.” I’d film and record everything. Once I’d gained a huge following, I’d slip a note to my neighbors, “Thanks for making me a youtube star” and give them the link where to view their shenanigans.

    Immature? Maybe.

  2. I feel your pain. So glad I’m not the only one. You can always call anonymously. I have, and have had neighbours from hell who have woken me up and kept me up at all hours, put their children at risk, and basically act like they are above the law. Familiarize yourself with the by-laws, and be a relentless complainer….’in writing’.
    Oh yah – a good pair of earplugs help. I know, I’ve had to invest in a pair or two myself.
    Sending you love, light and patience.

  3. We all need to feel safe and content in our homes/domiciles especially for you given your health challenges. If the others in that complex would also voice their concerns and as a group you present this to the manager; they make do something about it. I wish you success for there is nothing more irritating and uncomfortable than unruly neighbors. Take care…..

    • Make should be may. Wonder why I didn’t see that the first proofread!

      • I’m trying not to let it get to me…just mind my own business…but I need to be able to sleep too. I’ve thought about slamming doors when I get up at 5:30 in the morning, but then I become no better than they are…

  4. Ugh, that sucks. I know how you feel–I had very noisy neighbors across the street for a while, and even a meth house! We’re all hoping that slumlord-owned house will burn down.

    I wouldn’t try to engage them–they sound like they might get in your face, and you don’t need that. Maybe if enough people complain, or the cops start showing up enough, the managers will kick them out. Or maybe, like a lot of those types of people, they will just leave.

  5. Not in winter, but it never hurts to dream! I feel so badly for little kids who are caught up in all that mess. I hope the problem is resolved soon.

    • Yeah, the kid has no choice in it. And then you stop and think about what kind of role models she has and what her life will probably end up like…sad…

  6. Inconsiderate neighbors are the worst, and your new neighbors sound like an extreme of inconsiderate! I feel for you girl! I hope it all gets resolved. Celeste 🙂

    • I was going to stop at the office after work today, but I ended up standing in the parking lot (at work) talking to a customer, then had to make a stop at PetSmart for the babies…office was closed when I drove by…oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

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