Enjoy the good days

You know, whether or not you have any kind of physical ailments, we all have good days and bad days.  Every single one of us.  That’s something I’m trying to keep in mind.  On the bad days, I remind myself that the good days will swing around again.  And on the good days, I remind myself to enjoy every minute of each of those days.

Take pleasure in the things that lift your spirit.  Find the time to smile and laugh.  Do something that you feel passionate about.  It doesn’t matter what any of those things are.  They’ll be unique to each of us.  What matters is that you do those things for yourself.  Take the time to observe the joy that surrounds you.  It’s there, each and every day.  You’ve just got to open yourself up to it.

Each day that we open our eyes in the morning is a blessing…make the most of it!

sunflowers make me smile

sunflowers make me smile



4 Responses

  1. How poetic and wonderful is this! I, too, must remind myself to totally take advantage of the days that I’m doing well. Having said that; what is far more important to me is your statement…”On the bad days, I remind myself that the good days will swing around again.” The faith and hope that this too will pass and again I will know and feel what is good about my life; rings true. That positive message makes this journey far less daunting. Peace…

  2. I’m sure trying…some days that’s harder than others! 😛

  3. Fantastic, Patti. I needed the reminder!

  4. Very true words, Patti. I like those sunny yellow sunflowers, too.

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