Where in the world is Patti?

green cherry tomatoes Houston, Tx

green cherry tomatoes Houston, Tx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if anyone has been asking that or not, but I’m still here.  I have some good days, some bad days, but mostly I just have okay days.  This past Sunday I felt the best I’d felt in a long time (and that’s even with working a full day…make that a full, hectic day).  So I feel like there is at least some hope that I can manage this.

I woke up this morning at around sixish…didn’t have to work, but thought I’d throw some clothes on and step outside to do a little “gardening”.  Ha, I haven’t planted anything or even weeded the one bed I have outside my kitchen window, so you can imagine what a mess it was.  But I spent about half an hour pulling and cutting weeds…imagine my surprise when I discovered two volunteer tomato plants!  One of them is obviously a grape tomato plant as it has the clusters of tiny tomatoes growing.  I went inside and grabbed two tomato cages and used them to corral the little wildings.  I also have some coneflowers blooming that had been hidden in the weeds.

Finding the tomatoes and flowers encouraged me to do a little planting of my own.  Yes, it is kind of late to be planting most things, but I decided to plant some cucumber seeds in a couple of containers.  Hopefully I’ll manage to pick a few before fall gets here (doesn’t it seem strange to think about fall in July?).

The plants that managed to survive through some difficult growing conditions reminded me that we can do the same thing…life isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always go as we’ve planned.  But we can survive and make the best of whatever situation we find ourselves in.  I hope you’re having a day with the joy of discovering the unexpected!

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  1. Glad to see you back. I also did some gardening on the weekend. Mostly staking tomato plants and peas. This morning when I did a quick survey of my garden I was pleased to see blossoms on my peas! It’s awesome when you see results after such a short time.

    Enjoy your tomatoes!

    • Glad to see you back too, Nikkianne…and yes, it is so exciting to watch your garden grow from tiny little plants to food you can take delight in preparing and eating. I wish I had room to grow peas and beans…yum!

  2. Sure was glad to see this post because funny enough yesterday I was thinking that very thing. “Where in the world is Patti?”

    I like how you compare humans to plants. I am like the hardy dandelion. The world will hack me down, yank me out by the root but I’ll just keep coming back and coming back. 😀

  3. I check periodically to see if you’ve had a good or bad day and I’m always glad to read posts like this one. Take care and my wish is that eventually your better days will outnumber the others.

    • Thanks, Carolyn. I’ve actually been having a number of pretty good days lately! So I’m thinking that all of those positive thoughts you’re sending my way must be helping!

  4. Gardening is balm for the soul, isn’t it? I can just see your delight in finding tomatoes and coneflowers. Glad to hear you’re having some good days, what a blessing they are.

    • Absolutely, Patti. I’ve loved gardening since I was a kid. I even take delight in simply seeing other people’s gardens as I’m driving around town.

  5. Thanks for the reminder about surviving…and also about the blessings of unexpected ‘volunteers.’

  6. Yay! Enjoy your cherry tomatoes. Yum yum. And take care of yourself–we want you to feel better. 🙂

    • I was so excited to find those plants. I really do think something is finally helping me feel better…thanks so much for all of the positive energy.

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