Thankful for a good doctor

"Shining a light on Rheumatoid Arthritis&...

“Shining a light on Rheumatoid Arthritis” by mimitalks, married w/children (Photo credit: mimitalks, married, under grace)

I’ve mentioned before that I have a relatively new doctor.  She’s the one who added up all of the symptoms I’d been experiencing and ordered the tests for autoimmune diseases.  And she’s been willing to battle the insurance company to get drugs that she thinks will help me (still waiting on that magic elixir though).  She’s been able to fit me in when I’m feeling particularly terrible.  I can’t complain about her care, that’s for sure.

Today I had to call her office to see if she could write out a statement to give to my boss about some of the things I can’t do at work right now (his request).  I left a message and her nurse called me back a couple of hours later, asked a few questions, then told me they’d have it ready for me to pick up tomorrow.  That’s some pretty good service, don’t you think?

I have to admit, I’m concerned about my job.  I know I can’t do the things I was doing even a year ago.  And I know it has to frustrate my boss.  After all, the work still has to get done.  In my defense, I am doing various tasks that aren’t part of my job description, freeing up time for other people to do some of the things I can’t do.  But I’m afraid that’ll only go so far.

I know, I know…I’m worrying about things that may never happen.  I see the specialist next week (finally) and she may be able to snap her fingers, write out a prescription or two, and have me back to my old self in no time.  Could you maybe keep your fingers crossed that it happens that way?

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  1. Keeping you in prayer. I’m so glad you’ve found a great doctor.

  2. Not sure crossed fingers would work but I know God knows your condition. I will pray and ask for others to do the same at church. I’m glad that you have found a doctor in whom you have confidence. Please let me know if I can help in any way. Stay strong.

  3. Fingers and toes! Hang onto that doctor-she sounds like a keeper. 🙂

  4. Glad to hear you found a good doc and you are going to see her next week. This must be so very difficult. I, too, will pray for you.

    I thought of you last night as I was channel surfing. Our local PBS station was running a program called “Easy Yoga for Arthritis.” I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I did see a few excerpts where several women were interviewed. One said she couldn’t walk her dog before she had participated in this program. Another woman thought she was getting better after a few weeks, but she wasn’t sure. Then six months later she said she could tell a difference. One woman said she knew her hands looked like she was in pain, but she wasn’t after doing the gentle stretches.

    Everybody’s cicumstances are different, but it might be worth asking your doctor about.

    You might want to check out your local hospital for classes/workshops for folks with arthritis, too. Our local hospitals run programs like this.

    Sending good wishes your way!

    • I just found a yoga for arthritis site that I pinned on pinterest…haven’t taken the time to check it out yet, but I sure will. I’m pretty sure our hospital has those kinds of programs too…thanks for the good thoughts!

  5. Will keep you in thought and prayer, Patti. Have you had time to check into some of the other alternatives that can be used in conjunction with the meds?

    • Thanks, Simone. Yeah, I’ve really been doing a lot of reading about how I can adjust my diet to help deal with the inflammation…did not realize that nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, etc) make inflammation worse…darn it, there goes my homemade salsa! And I gave up artificial sweeteners, not sure how they affect inflammation but it’s sure eased my headaches.

      I’ve also been looking into how supplements can help. Unfortunately, I really don’t like ginger, apparently it’s really good for you. But I do love cherries, so that’s a plus. I did order some cherry extract supplements, haven’t noticed any help with the pain yet, but I’m hoping. And cinnamon is supposed to help too.

      The rheumatologist’s nurse just called and said they’ve gotten some of the blood test results back and that my vitamin D is very low (I don’t spend a lot of time out in the sun because I burn terribly. And I stopped drinking milk when I was having all of those respiratory issues). So they’ve called in a prescription for vitamin D that I’m supposed to take twice a week for 3 months, then more blood tests. The doctor had mentioned that vitamin D deficiency can contribute to pain, weakness, fatigue, etc…makes sense once I read up on it.

      I’ve always been a big believer in how diet can positively affect your health…I guess now I’m seeing the results of how a poor diet can negatively affect your health as well…

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