Tiny homes

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English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit this, I spend way too much time on Pinterest.  Usually I pin things to my food boards, or IU basketball, or gardening…but one thing I’ve been seeing a lot of pins about lately have been these itty bitty teeny tiny homes.  They’re so darn cute and mega affordable.  With just me and the cats, how much room do I really need?  I’m thinking perfect retirement home back in the area where I grew up and where so many of my good friends still live.

Of course, you can build your own for even less, but that wouldn’t be practical for me.  Surprisingly, there are numerous companies  that build them for you for not much of anything.  Who knew that people all over the country make a living building tiny homes?

There’s one here in Bloomington that I drive by every once in a while.  I’ve always thought it was absolutely adorable, complete with fenced in yard and flowers and vegetables.  If I’m remembering correctly, it also has solar panels.  Maybe I’ll see if I can find out who built it…

I’ve been thinking about moving to a smaller place for a while now (I live in a townhouse).  As much pain as I’m in all the time now, I’m finding it more of a burden to have all this extra room.  Extra room means more stuff and more cleaning.   It would be nice to pare down, to get rid of a lot of things that are just taking up space.  Funny as it seems, I think I’d have more space in a tiny home simply because I’d get rid of so much stuff.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep pinning anything that catches my eye and dream…

5 Responses

  1. Wow, those are small! I don’t know if I’d like something that tiny, but housework would be done in no time. I’m afraid I’d keep bumping into myself, though.

    • Some of the ones I’ve seen have really great storage plans…and the one I particularly love had a loft with a huge bed in it…only thing is it had a ladder…but I bet it could be adapted so I had stairs instead.

  2. […] many, like me, who are single even a townhouse feels too large. Patti who writes  Run4Joy59 is dreaming of a tiny […]

  3. My husband and I downsized from a large 3-story condo to a small house a couple of years ago. I like it so much better! And if I was alone, I’d want a really tiny house (less to clean). I say go for it! Celeste:)

    • I’ve been looking into it…lots to think about…once I start feeling better, I’m going to start selling things I no longer use…save the money for, I don’t know, tiny things for a tiny home??

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