Kitty Pals

Nah…not Spooky and Scout, unfortunately.  Spook still torments poor Scout even though Scout weighs twice as much as Spook does.  Scout will be minding her own business and when Spook walks into the room, she quickly walks right up to Scout and starts gnawing on her leg.  She doesn’t hurt her at all so it’s kind of funny to watch how the kitten jumps over her to make her escape.  Every once in a while, Scout will lift a paw as if to fight, but nothing much happens.  It could be a lot worse, I guess.

Fat little Scout

Fat little Scout


Scout doesn’t usually look like she’s this fat, but it looks like I’m going to have to cut back on her treats.  It’s hard to believe she was that cute little kitten not even a year ago and now she’s this huge, but still cute, all grown up cat.




And then there’s the light-weight, weighing in at only 5 pounds, Spooky.  She looks like she weighs more than she does because her fur is fluffy, but when you pick her up, you can tell she weighs just a little bit of nothing. But she still rules the roost.

My little kitty pals were good company when I was sick, always right there beside me keeping me warm.  So I guess they both deserve a few treats.  Maybe I’ll have to teach Scout how to use the treadmill!!  Sounds like an interesting blog post, doesn’t it?


7 Responses

  1. Love your kitties!! We have six and they make the house seem full of love!!

    • I keep thinking I’d like another kitten, but then I remind myself they only stay in that kittenish stage for a little while…and I’m sure Spook wouldn’t like the next one any more than she likes Scout.

  2. I wish they would be friends. I imagine they did take good care of you. Be sure you post and get video if you get her on the treadmill!

    • Well, sometimes they accidentally sleep curled up together, but as soon as one of them realizes what she’s doing, they either hiss, hit, or leave. Yeah, I wouldn’t count on Scout getting on the treadmill, she always takes off upstairs any time I get on it.

  3. Super cute kittehs!

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