When am I going to feel better?

English: Shown is a male technician taking an ...

English: Shown is a male technician taking an x-ray of a female patient. This image was used to demonstrate the myth about exposure to radiation during the x-ray procedure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When?  I’m so tired of all of this coughing and not being able to breathe.  And, as surprised as I am to say this, I miss work…I miss my work buddies…I miss having a routine…I miss the adrenaline rush of having too much to do (haha).  I wouldn’t have believed that a couple of months ago, but now I see how much I really do like my job.

So…saw a different doctor today…coughing my head off, as has been my daily routine any time I do anything and especially any time I go outside in the cold.  They did several tests in the office, then sent me to the lab for some lab work (one of the things they were testing for was whooping cough…seriously…) then over to the radiology department for x-rays.  I just love having to get x-rays, don’t you?  I always wonder if I’ll start glowing in the dark, hasn’t happened yet though.

Then I had to go pick up more prescriptions, one of which was an inhaler…I really, REALLY don’t like that.  And some of the pills just about gag me trying to swallow them.  Then I stopped at work for a few minutes to fax some paperwork in.  Talked a few minutes to some of my co-workers.  Then decided I needed to get home.

So I’ve been sitting here at home trying to recover from my active day (or at least active compared to how I’ve been living lately).  It’s still painful to breathe, I’m still coughing a lot, and I keep asking myself how much longer it’s going to go on like this…so, hey…if anyone has any positive, healing vibes to send my way, I’ll gladly welcome them.

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  1. I see have linked a whooping cough link there from CBS news. Do you think you may have this? Do you smoke? Did it just come on? Has it got better or worse?
    And I can relate with the tablets. Some are like small plates!

    I hope you are ok and find some restbite from this.


    • Well, like most of us, I looked up symptoms online and then, of course, realized I have every possible ailment known to man…the doctor mentioned testing me for whooping cough and I told her that was one of the things for which I’d noticed that I had a lot of the symptoms. So…test results not in until sometime Monday. I don’t smoke, have never smoked altho I grew up with a mother and grandfather who smoked a lot…but haven’t lived with anyone who smokes for many years now.

      Thanks so much for the support…

      • Strange one. I really hope you are ok and they get to the bottom of this. Please keep us updated. Like me you have something medical science struggled to put a name on.

        In my thoughts..

      • Thanks, Shaun…yeah, I guess we’re proof that doctors don’t always know everything…we have to keep on top of our own health and insist on treatment…

  2. I was surprised to see you are still battling this. I hope your new treatments help.

    • I know, Patti…it’s crazy…I start to think I’m feeling better and them it hits me again…hopefully we’ll find something out with all of those tests they ran yesterday. Thanks for being here for me.

  3. The flu this year is extremely nasty, and you may have gotten it and then developed bronchitis (which is also very suckish). I imagine the X-ray was to check for pneumonia. Once they know, they can knock it out. IN the meantime, get lots of soup, lots of rest. You will get better. Here are some vibes–**ZAP!** I hope that helps. 🙂

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