And then the wind blew…

Tornado warning

Tornado warning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…and blew and blew!!  I haven’t been sleeping well, waking up coughing, so imagine my displeasure when I woke up to the sound of tornado sirens last night.  Yep, tornado sirens in Indiana in January. Had to get up, go downstairs and find out what was going on.  There was no lightning or anything, just really strong winds.  When I turned on the tv, they were showing the approaching storm and saying to take cover on the lower floor of your dwelling in an interior room without windows (I think I’ve heard that often enough that I was able to repeat it verbatim).  Well, I don’t know about you, but the only room in my house that doesn’t have windows is the half bath on the lower floor.  Yeah, it’s never fun to sit there in that tiny bathroom with two cats, both of which are trying to pull the door open and escape.  But, being the good kitty momma that I am, I keep them locked in there with me just in case.

I didn’t actually ever get into the bathroom last night.  The tornado warning was lifted before the edge of the storm came through Bloomington, so we just ended up with high winds and heavy rains.  And I’m not complaining about that, really I’m not.

But it was about three hours after the sirens sounded before I was able to go back to sleep, and I wasn’t too crazy about that.  When I think about it though, I guess that’s a much better scenario than what could have happened.