Decluttering your inbox

screenshot of an email inbox filled with spam

screenshot of an email inbox filled with spam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh my gosh, I think I’m probably the world’s worst at unsubscribing to email newsletters that I’m no longer interested in.  I just do mass deletions and go on.  But I was reading an article (somewhere?  All You, maybe?) today about decluttering and they mentioned cleaning out your inbox so you don’t have to deal with deleting all of those emails every day.  Head slap!!  Why haven’t I done this before?  Why do I think people will be insulted if I unsubscribe to their emails?  Seriously, will most people or businesses even realize it?  And why should I care?  And really, if I unsubscribe, how will I even know that it bothered them?

So I’m going to start doing this.  I know it takes a few minutes, but eventually I’ll get rid of all that clutter in my inbox and have one less stress in my life.  What about you?  Are you quick to unsubscribe or do you just let it slide?

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  1. I confess to being a terrible ‘unsubscriber’….I just hit delete….perhaps I’ll join you in a mass ‘unsubscribe project’!

  2. Ha! I had to do this. I signed up for a bunch of little newsletters, etc. but never had time to read them. I still have one thing I get and don’t read, so I just created a folder and move them in there. Eventually either I’ll get around to it, or something will happen and they’ll vanish.

    • I do that with a few things, but there are so many newsletters that I used to read, but lost interest in…so I’m finally unsubscribing to them…just a few a day…

  3. I tend not to unsubscribe either, but I also make liberal use of filters so the newsletters aren’t just sitting in my inbox. That tends to be limited to messages that actually need immediate attention.

  4. When I realize I’m no longer interested, I unsubscribe. I still get a ton of email, mostly blog-related, but I hope to change that by using the reader, once I decide I can trust it. 🙂

    • I’ve been unsubscribing to at least 5 a day…not that I’ve noticed a lot of difference. I did go thru my twitter account tho and stopped following probably 100…it’s a lot easier on twitter tho, you just pull up the list of all that you follow, then just go down the list and unfollow…didn’t take too long and it’s sure cleaned up my feed.

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