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Seriously, you usually hear about customer service issues when the customer service leaves something to be desired.  But not today.  Nope, I’m pretty happy with my experience today.  I had a package that was supposed to have been delivered last week, but I was so sick that I didn’t really look into it until yesterday.  I logged into my UPS account to track the package.  UPS said it was delivered and that someone with a name other than mine signed for it.  So I thought I’d check and see if the UPS driver had dropped the package off at the office.  No…didn’t happen.

So I went on to email them about the situation, explaining that I live by myself and that it’s not possible that someone at my house would have signed for the package, that it hadn’t been signed for at the office or by any of my neighbors.  And I asked them what they were going to do about it.

Well, after checking my email several times today with no response from UPS, I decided to contact Amazon directly.  I clicked on help, then on one of the links there to contact customer service…had the option of email, phone call, or chat.  I chose chat and was connected with Fidel.  After asking a couple of questions, Fidel was able to immediately order a replacement for me at no cost and I’ll get it Monday.  Wow!  He apologized for the inconvenience and set it all up…quick, easy, and exactly what I was hoping for.

Do I appreciate great customer service?  You bet I do!  Will I continue to shop at Amazon?  Heck yeah!!


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  1. I hope you’re home Monday to intercept the package. 🙂 There was a story on our local news about people who follow the USPS truck around, and pick up packages as soon as they’re delivered. Someone had a surveillance camera that caught them on tape.
    I’m glad to hear you got great customer service. I’ve been impressed with Amazon in that regard.

    • It’s going to depend on whether or not I feel well enough to go back to work on Monday, I guess…I’ve never had a problem before with my deliveries…I’m thinking UPS must have delivered it to the wrong townhouse and the person there just thought they’d keep it…I couldn’t get the office personnel to tell me if there was anyone by the name of the person who signed for it in the complex, but that’s my guess as to what happened. Yeah, I think Amazon does an excellent job with customer service…

  2. I drive by Amazon’s head office in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada every day. It’s a bustling hub! I’d love to work there!

  3. I’ve always loved Amazon and their customer service!

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