Health and fitness, it’s got to be now

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness (Photo credit: Justin Liew)

I know, I know…those of you who know me have heard this before…several times.  I have got to do something to regain my health, become fit, and put an end to feeling so bad all the time.  So, since I’m off work today, sick with the flu, I’m going to reflect on this and make a plan…a plan to  eat better, exercise more, deal with the stress in my life in a positive manner, and take charge of my life.

A year or so ago, I started another blog that I intended to use to chronicle my journey to fitness.  But, as my fitness efforts dwindled, I allowed my blogging efforts to fall by the wayside as well.  Since I never intended this blog that you’re reading today to be solely a health and fitness blog, I hesitated to devote so much space to that end.  So, if you want to cheer me on in my fitness efforts, I’d welcome you to come visit my other blog:

Believe me, I need all of the encouragement I can get.  This is a battle I’ve fought for many, many years with limited success.