Rain or snow?

English: A train blocked by snowdrifts in Sout...

English: A train blocked by snowdrifts in Southern Minnesota, USA, 1881. Deutsch: ein Zug hat sich im Schnee festgefahren, südlicher Teil Minnesotas, USA, 1881. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you one of those folks who thinks we shouldn’t have any precipitation, other than snow, during the winter months?  Well, we’ve certainly had a mixture so far this winter…had a couple of good snowfalls (if there is such a thing), then temps in the 50s and 60s, now rain….lots of rain…flood level rain.  I needed to go run a few errands after work today, but ended up just going home…that’s how hard it was raining.  And the temps have dropped dramatically from this morning when I went in to work.

Personally, I would much rather have rain than snow…every single day of the year (okay, okay…I like a white Christmas as much as the next person, but then I want it to melt away and warm up)…I don’t like getting cold and the snow is just plain inconvenient.  Yeah, I know…I’d never survive in Minnesota during the winter, but I’m not really planning on trying it either.

Driving home today, I had a thought…can you imagine how much snow we’d have on the ground if all of this rain had come down in the form of snow?  Yikes!!

4 Responses

  1. Looks like the rain is headed this way. I have a lot of respect for folks who survive those winters up north. 🙂

    • Me too, Patti…I mean we had a pretty big snow storm, but now it’s all gone (yea!)…I can’t imagine just getting more snow piled on what we already had…for months at a time…whew!!

  2. Right now, in Colorado we’d welcome rain or snow…or both. It’s been a dry 18 months, and with the forest fires…well, you get the idea. But the picture shook me back to reality!
    Thanks for a terrific post.

    • Oh I know, we had a really dry summer last year…it never got to water restrictions in my city buy it did in Indy…so I am thankful for the precipitation…I’d just much rather have it be in the form of rain…haha!!

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