Jeopardy online test update

List of Jeopardy! tournaments and events

List of Jeopardy! tournaments and events (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are not going to believe this…I can hardly believe it myself.  I totally forgot about my scheduled test.  Yes, you heard me right.  I just now realized that I’d spaced it.  How disappointing.  What in the world was I doing at that time last night that caused me to forget something that I was so looking forward to?  I don’t really remember.  I guess I was online with a basketball game on in the background.  Stupid basketball…haha!

Anyhow, that’s my update…no show for the test…sheesh!

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  1. Oh no!

  2. Thanks for the reminder! My test session is tonight!

  3. Aww. 😦
    Well maybe this isn’t the right time and your brain redirected. Next time, perhaps? I know you’ve been really busy!

  4. […] she announced today that she forgot to take the test at her testing time. Sad news for her, maybe next year, great news for me as I had forgotten that tonight is my […]

  5. Hey I was just re-reading the rules to see when to log in and it looks like if you miss your time you can take at another time. there is a session starting at 10pm CST (in 30 minutes)

    • Thanks for the info…I’m afraid I was already in bed at that time…had to get up at 5 this morning…darn it! How’d it go for you?

      • Hard to say, a question every 15 seconds is really fast. I think I answered more right than not. I had a couple where I had part of the word typed before time so hopefully if it was enough of the word it will at least count as a part point.

        I wish they would send out a “you got x/50” email or something. it wouldn’t be that hard to write programmatically to do that auto-magically once a test was scored.

      • Yeah, I think it’s a little frustrating to not have at least an idea of how you did…

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