Sweet kitty antics

Aww…you just gotta love it when you have two (or more) cats and they do something sweet…you just want to kiss ’em right on the top of their furry little heads.  Now my cats have had a hate/hate relationship since I brought Scout home a few months ago.  Well, I don’t guess Scout started out hating on Spook.  I mean, she was just a little kitten and, like all kittens, wanted to play.  Spook wanted no part of playing with an interloper.  It pretty much seemed like she wanted to take any opportunity that presented itself to just kill the kitten and put an end to her interference in Spook’s idyllic life.

Fortunately, there have been no kitty murders in the house.  Today I saw a tiny glimmer of hope for kitty harmony in our family.  Scout was napping on the bed.  Spook jumped up to claim her spot on the soft, warm blanket and stopped when she got close to Scout.  Spook lowered her head like she wanted Scout to lick her…aww…how sweet, right?

Well, not quite…the kitten swatted Spook on the head then bit her leg as she was walking away.  Poor Spook…I guess she just learned that what they say about karma is true!

ahh...relaxation after an unexpected bath!

ahh…relaxation after an unexpected bath!

IU Spooky

IU Spooky