Christmas shopping done…

English: Gift ideas for men - wrapping paper e...

English: Gift ideas for men – wrapping paper example. Please source (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…now it’s time to get it all wrapped.  I have to admit, it’s not as difficult to “wrap” presents as it once was.  Back in the day, I would drag out the rolls of wrapping paper, ribbon, tags, tape, scissors, etc.  Then I’d have to unroll a length of paper, lay the present in the middle of it (well, after I scrounged up a box to put the gift in…I was never a fan of wrapping anything not in a box), cut the paper, carefully fold the paper around the box, making sure I’d actually cut the piece of paper big enough.  Then I’d tape the edges and fold each end, trying to make it look nice.  Once I had the box wrapped in the pretty paper, I’d try to match some ribbon to the paper.  Once I was satisfied with the ribbon I’d chosen, I’d wrap it around the box either crossing vertically and horizontally or just around the corners.  Then I’d pull out the curling ribbon and curl it with scissors, then tape it to the other ribbon.  After that was done, I’d paw through all of the gift tags I’d amassed over the years until I found one that matched both the package and the recipient.  Then I’d pen the to-from part of the tag and either tape the tag to the outside of the package or punch a hole in the tag and thread curling ribbon through the hole, then tape the whole thing into the middle of the curled ribbon already taped to the package.  And then I had to find a pretty bow (preferably not smashed) to match everything else.  Once satisfied with how the package looked, I’d set it aside and move on to the next one.

Now…well, let’s see…I gather the gifts I intend to package, some gift bags (with gift tags already attached) and some tissue paper.  Then I toss the present into the bottom of the bag, wad up some tissue paper to cover what’s inside the bag, write who the gift is for on the tag along with the from part…you know, either Aunt Patti, Patti, Momma (I’m kidding, I’m kidding…I never actually wrap the presents for the kitties…they get to them long before I could manage that)…and uh, well…that’s it.

Do I miss the old days of pretty packages sitting under the tree, twinkling lights reflecting from the shiny paper?  Umm…no, no, I can’t say as I do.  I spent an awful lot of time wrapping gifts in the old days…and it usually only took people a few seconds to unwrap them and toss the paper and ribbon to the side.  And gift bags are handy when it comes to getting all of your gifts home too.  And, of course, you can reuse a gift bag…just be sure you remove the original gift tag…take this bit of advice, I speak from experience…

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  1. As usual Patti I agree with you on this except if someone does take the time and effort to wrap a gift for me, I ever so carefully and gently undo the tape…while looking at them like ‘oooh I can’t wait to see what it is’. Without tearing the paper, I unwrap it. Once I’ve seen the gift, I gently fold the paper, save…and…REUSE it!

  2. I used to wrap like that, too. Last year, hubby volunteered for the wrapping! I use bags when I can.

  3. I’m a huge fan of bags. Rarely do I use boxes and paper. And of course, I use the bags over again, too.

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