Christmas is coming…

English: Image of an Appalachian Bewildered Ca...

English: Image of an Appalachian Bewildered Cat dressed for Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…and I’ll sure be glad to see it get here.  I’m exhausted!  This weekend was a nightmare…super busy (okay, that wasn’t the nightmare part…being busy is a good thing) and I had so many call-ins…and today was just more of the same as far as call-ins are concerned.  I don’t know if there’s something going around or if the wonderful weather we’ve had lately (70 degrees today…what? In December?) might play into some of the call-ins.  I know, I know…I’m so cynical.

I went to work at 4 this morning and left at just a few minutes before 4 this afternoon…did get a lot done, but still have a lot left to do.  I’m going in at 5 tomorrow morning, hopefully I’ll get everything done so I can take Wednesday off.

I tried talking myself out of stopping at PetSmart after work, but finally convinced myself to just do it.  And I bought some new toys for the kitties for Christmas…well, that was the plan.  I ended up giving them their gift early.  Why do I have to be such a softie???

I really am going to try to go to bed early tonight…my body is tired and my muscles are aching…sleep…it does a body good…

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  1. Well guess what I’m getting for Christmas? Two litters of kittens. Sigh, yes they both got themselves in trouble. But I have the nursery ready as one should be having hers this week. A wonderful Christmas!

    Get some sleep! 🙂

    • Aww…I think Spook needs a kitten…oh wait, I’ve already tried that one and it didn’t go over all that well…anyhow…enjoy those little kittens while you search for good homes for them.

  2. I hope a good night’s rest makes you feel lots better.

    • I did get a decent night’s sleep last night, but honestly, the only way I could force myself to get up this morning was telling myself I have tomorrow off!

  3. Pleah. Being jobless, I have to make stuff if I’m going to give any presents. I better get busy. Urg.

  4. The picture is a hoot! I wonder how someone got the kitty to sit still to be dressed up. My sister’s cats would have shredded the outfit!

    • I know…maybe he was drugged. He definitely didn’t look any too happy, did he? I did manage to dress Spooky up for Halloween one year. She didn’t really like it much. Once I got the outfit off of her she attacked it like she wanted to kill it!

      • At least the Spooky attacked the outfit and not you! Hope the days leading up to Christmas aren’t too crazy for you.

      • Well…I didn’t say that I got off scot free…I did get a few scratches on my hands that day…she was not a happy little girl…

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