NaNo, Day 27…so close, so very close…

Bits of Me... Stacked

Bits of Me… Stacked (Photo credit: smittenkittenorig)

Ahh…yes, less than 5,000 words to go!  This has been a challenge, more so because of the time of year the challenge has taken place than the actual writing itself.  Not that I’m saying the writing has always been easy, but sitting down to write after working 12 hours adds another layer of difficulty to it.  But I’m just about there.  So close…Tomorrow is going to be the day, I can feel it in my bones…or maybe that’s just exhaustion I’m feeling in my bones, my muscles, my brain…nope, nope…it’s the approach to the finish line I’m experiencing!

And for anyone who was curious, concerned, or just plain interested…the zone vice president didn’t stop by our store for a visit after all.  And the thing is, we were looking really good…and at this time of year, that doesn’t last long.  One day is all it takes to sell out an entire side counter and then have to figure out what to fill it with…So yeah, I was maybe a little disappointed and a little relieved…but there’s always the next time~~

Now, who’s ready for some Hoosiers basketball???

8 Responses

  1. Go! You can make it!

    Write like the wind!


    • Thanks, I knocked it out this evening!! How exciting!

      • congrats. my day 28 kinda fell apart. I need something like 6k today and tomorrow to make it.

        I’m shooting for as close as I can get, either way its words I didn’t have before, and I still did way better than last year. which I consider a win all on its own.

  2. I hope you didn’t lose any sleep over that would-be meeting. Oh, I liked yesterday’s meeting image, too.

    • Thanks for all the responses, Patti!! Whew…yes, November was a whirlwind month for me…but it’s almost over…of course then I still have 21 days of nutty work in December (well, unless I win that powerball drawing tonight…heehee) before we get to cut back a little.

  3. […] NaNo, Day 27…so close, so very close… ( […]

  4. You can do it. You’re almost there!

    I’m way over 50K, but I want to actually finish the rough draft. I only have a couple more scenes to go. It is still too short, but it will swell during rewriting, I’m sure.

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