NaNo, day 13…making deals

Books to be returned...

Books to be returned… (Photo credit: hashmil)

Whew…I worked 13 hours today…talk about tired!!  But I’ve got all the plans for next week set in place, schedule made and published, and what needs to be completed this week listed for the replenishment manager.  And I have tomorrow off…thank goodness!  Now we’re in our six-day work week time of the year…sigh…but it all goes by so quickly…it’ll be 2013 before we know it.

Now to the making deals part…I just couldn’t make myself write tonight…my eyelids are getting heavier and heavier even as I sit here writing.  So, I made a deal with myself.  Even though I have a lot to do tomorrow…you know how it is when you get a day off and you have to run errands and clean house (oh yeah, and try to sleep in), the deal I made with myself is that, since I’m too tired  and sleepy to write tonight, I’ll skip writing tonight and sit down to three writing sessions tomorrow…I didn’t make any rules about how long each session has to be, you know how, often once you get started, you manage to write more than you thought you could.  That’s what I’m counting on anyhow.

So now, since Dancing With the Stars is over, I’m heading up the stairs and climbing between the sheets…come on,  Spook, let’s go!


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  1. Dance in your dreams! Enjoy your day off. 🙂

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