Oops, no NaNo for me on day 10

hoosier cardinal

hoosier cardinal (Photo credit: alandberning)

As much as I hate to admit to this, I just couldn’t make myself write tonight (well…except for this short post).  The muse has taken a day off.  And she picked an awfully nice day to take off…here in Hoosier land, it was around 70 degrees today…wow!!  The only bad thing about that was that I had to work all day…It was dark when I went in this morning and it was already getting dark when I left this evening.  But it was still really warm and pleasant!

I’ve got to go in at six in the morning…huge ad set to get done before we open!  So, once again, it’s early to bed for me.  I’m just barely able to keep my eyes open right now and it’s not even 8 o’clock.  How many more days ’till Christmas?   In case you didn’t feel like doing the math, it’s 45 days ’till Christmas…I think!!

I hope it’s nice wherever you are…if you’re in an area where you got snow, I hope you at least have sunshine tomorrow. If not sunshine, well then, how about a nice warm house and a steaming cup of cocoa?  Later, guys and gals!!