Stuffy nose, watery eyes and NaNo, day 5

English: The front of CVS #4191

English: The front of CVS #4191 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whew…this was a tough day to get through at work.  My eyes were watering all day.  I had more than one customer ask me if everything was okay (kind of nice that they care though, you know?).  I kept having to go back into the office to blow my nose.  Eventually my head started pounding.  One of the girls I work with told me to go to CVS to get Benadryl, another said Benadryl didn’t do anything for her, to get Sudafed.  Someone else said to get a nasal spray.  You know, they were all trying to help, but I couldn’t keep it all straight.

After I got off work, I went to CVS where I stood there reading those little cards that tell you what the different meds are for…it still didn’t really make sense to me, so I just picked one up that said non-drowsy (did you know that some of those medicines cost over $30?  I mean, I’m not talking about a prescription…sheesh!) and headed to the pharmacy counter.  The girl working there was nice and said she hoped I got to feeling better soon.  Yeah, me too!

Came home, fed the cats, threw a load of laundry in the washer, downed a pill with some oj, and decided I’d try to go to sleep for a little while.  I just kind of tossed and turned, then picked up my Kindle and finished reading a book.  I guess they weren’t kidding when they said non-drowsy!

When I came back downstairs, I figured I’d better sit down at the computer and try to get a few words in while I could still think (sort of).  I did alright, nothing like I did over the weekend.  I did have one line that I really liked…not sure if some of my more religious friends would consider it to be sacrilegious, but I could see a little kid thinking like this…

Concerning how he broke his arm  (abuse from his father), “…he knew he shouldn’t lie because Jesus told us not to, but he was more afraid of his dad than he was of Jesus.”  I could see myself thinking like that when I was a kid…you?

Anyhow, I ended up writing a little over 1300 words tonight which puts me at a little over 16500.  Not too shabby.  And now I’m going to get away from the computer and try my best to rest my weary, dry, itchy, hurting eyes.  See you tomorrow, chicas and chicos!!

And don’t forget to vote!!  This long election season is almost over (maybe).

7 Responses

  1. Now that is dedication. Congrats on such a productive weekend. And I’d say you did just fine today. Get better soon!

  2. Nice job. Way to … push … through … the goo.

  3. 1300 words is not shabby! I could identify with your character, too. I’ve been sneezing all evening. Ran errands today, wonder if I encountered a “bug.” I like Sudafed, but can’t take it with high bp, so I use an antihistamine–not benadryl. That knocks me out. But at least I wouldn’t know if my nose is runny/stuffy, or anything else for that matter! Watch out for non-drowsy meds that contain caffeine. Of course, that could help with the word count…;)

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