NaNo, day 3…huge success!

This is about me!

After not writing at all last night, I knew I really needed to hit it hard today.  I planned to sit down for at least four writing sessions…ended up doing five.  Started the day with 1788 words and ended it with (drum roll, please) 10,103 words.  I can hardly believe it myself!

This was one of those days when it flowed…quickly and easily.  There were times when the characters caused me to have a lump in my throat and then there were times when they had me laughing out loud.  Why is it that there are days when those characters want to come out and play and other days when you can’t find them any where?  But I guess that’s part of the struggle to bring a book to life, isn’t it?

I’ve set a goal to hit 15,000 words by the end of the day tomorrow.  I think that should be doable.  See, I really wanted to get a good start this month since I’m pretty sure my 11 and 12+ hour workdays will catch up with me later in the month.  After next week, I’ll have to start working six days a week, so you can see my concern, right?  I’m determined to do this, in spite of how much time I have to spend at my paying job.  It won’t be easy, and I know the thrill will wear off as the month progresses, but I will do it!!  Are you in?

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  2. I’m in–you can do this!

    • Thanks, Patti…I have to admit…after writing about 13,000 words this weekend, my eyes are twitching…but I’ve made a pretty good start. Now I can finish with just an average of a little over 1200 words a day…whew!

  3. Go Patti with an i Go!

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