Great books, great authors

Books - bookcase top shelf

Books – bookcase top shelf (Photo credit: ~ Phil Moore)

The other day I complained about all of the errors I’m finding in books lately.  Come to find out, many of you were also irritated by those typos, mistakes in grammar, the author losing track of his or her story line…and so on.

But…occasionally I come across a book that totally pulls me into the story, where I feel as though I know the characters.  I find myself reading these books in bits and pieces because I don’t want them to end.  When I do come to the end of such a book, I slowly close the cover and my eyes,  and sigh with satisfaction.  There’s something magical about a book like this.  Even if the story didn’t have a happy ending, it transported me to another world, another place and time.  Like a special vacation, I don’t want it to end.

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of books like this, books that encourage your imagination to take wing…but they are out there.  And what a treasure when you stumble across one.  I don’t know about you, but those are the books I keep, pulling them from the bookcase to immerse myself in the story once again.  If I could write only one book that made someone feel like that, I would consider myself to be a literary success.