Writing…back in the swing of things

nano tip 2

nano tip 2 (Photo credit: nuanc)

What is it about having a deadline that gets me back on track?  Why can’t I be one of those folks who just manage to carve out time each day to sit down and write…who don’t allow the distractions to…well…to distract them?

With the start of National Novel Writing Month fast approaching, I’ve become more consistent with my writing.  That’s what I was hoping to accomplish in the month  of October in preparation for NaNo.  I think I’m pretty well there. I’ll soon have more blog posts in the month of October than in the previous three months combined…yow!

After finishing my first Camp NaNo this summer, I thought I’d be able to sit down and write another 50,000 words the next month…didn’t happen.  I didn’t have that deadline staring at me, taunting me, ready to laugh at me should I fail.  What’s up with that?  Why couldn’t I impose and adhere to my own deadline?  I need to figure this out at some point in time…just not right now when I’m ready to embark on another month of frantic writing.  Finish that, then try to decipher the nuttiness rattling around in my head.  Try to figure out how to consistently motivate myself in my writing as well as my weight loss (yes, yes…I’m still trying to lose weight…blah!).

But…and this is huge…right now I’m going to stay focused on writing.  Pound those words out and get a rough draft of my next novel completed.  Then work on revision, don’t just set it aside and let it gather dust.  Can’t begin to tell you how much I want to be able to say I’m a published author…like  all the rest of you writers out there don’t understand what I’m saying.  I know you do!


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  1. I struggle with self-imposed deadlines, too. I see WordPress is bringing back daily prompts. Maybe I’ll start writing more on my blog again. We’ll see…

    • Well, I have to say…I’ve been loving the pictures you’ve been posting…you have real talent in both photography and writing!! Kind of handy with a blog, huh?

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