Sick day…kind of…

I couldn’t sleep last night, felt sick to my stomach and kind of dizzy every time I crawled out of bed.  I ended up calling my boss this morning and switching my day off from tomorrow to today.  (He’s good that way…I’m lucky, I know.)  After I got off the phone, I climbed back into bed and stayed there almost all day.  I hate days like that, but what can you do?  But I think Spooky enjoyed an entire day snuggling in bed…as long as we kept Scout locked out of the bedroom…poor little Scout.

I woke up an hour or so ago and decided I should probably try to get a little done this evening so I don’t have an entirely wasted day in the books.  So…here I am…after feeding the cats, I’m writing a little…hey, I’ve got my priorities in line…cats, writing, housework…well, truthfully, the housework is probably a lot further down the list after eavesdropping on the neighbors (they’re moving…woohoo!!).

So I’ll be working tomorrow then have Wednesday off…all after he was good enough to give me two days off together through the week…oh well…I did manage to get some prep work done for NaNo, I read No Plot, No Problem…well, I stopped at the chapters to read at the beginning of each week, figured I could wait another week to read that.  Interesting reading about how NaNoWriMo started and how it’s grown so quickly in such a short period of time.  It includes good tips for “winning” NaNo too.  I was already doing a lot of the things Baty suggests, but there were a couple of things that I’ve added and a few things that I’m not going to do.  What works for one person, might or might not work for someone else.  I guess we all have to figure that out for ourselves, right?