My head is literally exploding

Uh…no, most likely it’s not literally exploding…if it is, you’re probably not going to be around to talk about it.  Or at least let me get out of the room before it happens.  Are there writing errors that authors make that literally drive you crazy?  Do you blame the author, do you blame their editors or proofreaders, or do you just try to overlook it?

If I come across just one error in an entire 300 page book, I can overlook that (sort of).  But if I happen upon glaring mistakes in grammar or spelling, or if the meaning of several passages is ambiguous…well, then I begin to get a bit annoyed.  I mean, come on, don’t we pay good money for our books?  Aren’t these authors professionals?  Shouldn’t we be able to expect them to follow at least the basic rules of English when distributing a book to the masses?

I admit it, I’m not the most patient person.  I do expect professionalism from professionals (I expect my doctor to be up-to-date on the latest advances in medicine.  I expect my mechanic to know how to repair my car.  I expect my plumber to be able to install that new toilet.  When I call the help desk, I expect the person answering the phone to actually be able to help me with whatever issue I’m calling  about…oh wait, the help desk isn’t particularly helpful…that’s another story for another blog……Anyhow, you catch my drift, right?).

Do you have any pet peeves related to the published word?  And how many of them did I violate with this post today?  I proofread it, really I did.  I take full responsibility for any and all mistakes.

6 Responses

  1. Biggest pet peeve ever!! Especially when professnal authors have editors, publishers and so on to top check everything.

    • I swear, after reading a book, I almost emailed the author to tell her she needed my services to make sure her next book didn’t have the types of mistakes that her last one did…it’s very distracting when you’re trying to get into the story and the errors keep pulling your attention away from the story line.

  2. I’m surprised with the number of typos found in print publications. It seems there was a time when that was not the case. It is frustrating.

  3. I’ve been noticing many more mistakes in books, too. I try to overlook it, especially if it’s just one or two, but more than that and I wonder why the editor or proofreader didn’t catch them.

    • Maybe the publishing houses are doing the same thing that most businesses are doing, cutting hours for their employees and saddling them with extra work???

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