How do you like your books?

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle (Photo credit: agirregabiria)

Since I bought my Kindle, I’ve read a lot of ebooks…a lot of them.  Before I started reading books on an eReader I wasn’t sure I’d care much for it.  I was one of those people who said I wanted to be able to hold a book in my hands, to feel the paper, to smell that book smell.   I was surprised at how quickly I adapted to reading on a Kindle.  However, sometimes I still catch myself reaching up to turn the page…

But today I ordered three books on writing…one a workbook, another a book written by Chris Baty (of NaNoWriMo fame)…anyhow, even tho one of the books was available for my Kindle at a lower price, I went ahead and ordered the hard copy of all of them.  I figured this was a special situation…one where I would like to make notes in the books as I read (yes, you can do that with a Kindle…but it doesn’t quite seem the same), where I would refer to the books in the future.  So it just seemed like the thing to do.  Yep, I could have already been reading the book on my Kindle rather than waiting for them to be delivered to my house, but still…I want the books, I want to see them sitting on my book shelf, I want to pull them down and page through them, I want to make notes in the margin and underline pertinent passages.

Maybe I’m not quite as technologically advanced as I like to give myself credit for…how about you?  Do you have an eReader?  Do you read most of your books that way or do you prefer to hold the book in your hands and absorb it that way?  Or are you like me and do both?  Isn’t this a great time to be alive?  We have so many opportunities.

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  1. Hi Patti! Thanks for the link. 🙂 I have a Kindle with hundreds of books on it, and hundreds of hard copy books as well. Some books I still prefer in hard copy. Like you said – easier to make notes and refer back to them. And it seems that some books still are not formatted correctly on Kindle. But still, to have choices, and to be able to carry around an entire library in my purse! It is a great time to be alive, indeed!! 🙂

    • You’re quite welcome…I never know if linking another blogger’s posts brings them additional views or not, but it does provide interesting reading for my readers…I do love my Kindle…like you said, it’s so cool to be able to have an entire library on something so little.

  2. I am old school, but maybe because I don’t yet have a Kindle (among all the gadgets I do have…this might in itself say something) I expect I’ll get one for Christmas, though, and we’ll see how it goes from there. Provocative write!

    • I think you’ll find it’s pretty easy to get used to your Kindle (you know, that surprise one you’re getting for Christmas)…thanks for stopping by…

  3. I read part of an eBook on my laptop, one that I’d downloaded from the library. I spend a good deal of time on the computer, anyway, so it’s nice to hold a book instead. I found one that feels perfect in hand at Barnes & Noble a week or so ago. 🙂

  4. I don’t have a Kindle, but I got the Kindle for PC app. So I’m not left out! 🙂

    • I’ve got a friend who had that app until her grandkids bought her a Kindle for Christmas last year…well, I’m sure she still has the app…oh, you know what I mean…

  5. I like underlining and making notes on Kindle books because I can search and find them easily. I do this especially for instruction books. On the ebook format of my novel, I mark passages to read at events.

    Thanks, run4joy, for linking to my post.


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