They grow up so fast

Kids and kittens grow up too fast, don’t you think?  My little Scout is growing unbelievably fast…

She’s gone from being a cute little cuddly kitten…


Little Scout when I first adopted her being a little chubby…I’ve never had a chubby cat…but I guess I do now!  She’s now bigger than Spooky although she still allows Spook to terrorize her…one of these days…watch out Spook!  Lately, Scout has taken to a new hobby…bird watching out the kitchen window.  She’ll sit there for hours watching the birds at the feeders…can’t be because she’s hungry…look at her!


4 Responses

  1. She is so pretty! What an adorable face, and snuggly-looking body. Is she a snuggler? I’ll bet she gets a lot of enjoyment watching those birds!

    • Thanks, Patti…she’s not quite the snuggler that Spook is, she doesn’t like to be carried around, but she will lie on my chest when I’m in bed and just purr like a little maniac…unfortunately Spook still hates her…I hope they eventually get along…

  2. my cat would alert me to a good bird photo threw the window every so often

    • Maybe eventually little Scout will do the same for me…right now, when she’s chattering to the birds, I can’t really see them well…once the foliage dies down maybe I’ll have better luck.

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