Time for Camp NaNo, August edition…

camp nano wallpaper

camp nano wallpaper (Photo credit: ulianne)

Wow.  I didn’t realize I’d pretty much taken off the entire month of July from just about any form of writing.  What’s up with that?  Did June’s Camp NaNo wear me out that much?  I don’t really know what happened.  I fully intended to take a few days off then get right back into blogging and working on my book, revision and all that jazz.  Then I got sick, didn’t even go online for several days (I know there are folks who don’t go online every day, I have people tell me that at work all the time…but I’m definitely not one of them…), was still dealing with the kitten and trying to keep Spook from killing her (whose idea was it to get Spook a kitten anyhow?  She was perfectly fine without a kitten, she didn’t want a kitten, she still doesn’t want a kitten), and work…what can I say about work?  Or what can I say about work that I haven’t already said?

So…anyhow…it’s a new month and I’m doing the August Camp NaNo…kind of another book in the same series of books…today was the first day and I got in 2096 words…and some humor at that…do you ever wonder if other people will find what you’ve written to be as funny as you think it is?  I mean, really, I think some of what I wrote today was pretty darn funny, but what if no one else does?  Ah well…I can’t worry about that right now…that’s a worry for much later in the process, right?

I’m back…hopefully providing a little light entertainment as well as sharing my adventures in writing and well, in life, I guess.  Thanks for sticking around while I was on hiatus!

7 Responses

  1. After an intense month of NaNo, a small break is in order. You liked camp so much, you’re going back already?

    • Hit the wrong button, I was NOT done! lol It looks like you are off to a good start. Sorry to hear Spook hasn’t taken to the kitten. Hopefully that will change. There are all kinds of people, if you thought it was funny, there will be others who agree.

      • That’s funny…I’ve done the same thing…why can’t we just undo it when we hit the wrong button? You know, I actually did like camp…I really enjoyed the schedule of writing every day (or almost every day, I think I skipped two days in June), and I didn’t find it stressful at all…but that’s just me…I know I’m a little strange…

        Yeah, it’s a little sad to see Spook chasing that kitten and the poor little thing rolling over on her back giving in to big, bad Spook. I keep telling Spook that one of these days that little kitten won’t be so little any more, but she doesn’t pay a lot of attention…And, to be fair to Spook, the kitten does attack her sometimes…I don’t think Spook is used to that yet. I’m still hoping they’ll eventually become friends…

  2. Ah yes, it’s true I was missing your blog posts!!!
    Unfortunately I won’t be joining you for NaNo camp this August… seeing how… I kinda stopped writing all together. I’m currently focussing on some health/fitness goals 🙂

  3. Welcome back! Over two thousand words in one day – very impressive!

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