Working it…

Green common beans on the plant.

Green common beans on the plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whew…I have been one sick pup (or kitty) the past couple of days.  Didn’t do anything yesterday except drag myself from the bedroom to the bathroom.  My boss texted me last night to let me know that the zone vice president was going to be in the area today and he asked me to come in early.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him how sick I’d been, he gets so freaked out when the big wigs come calling.  So I went in and worked today…no visit tho…and now he’s off to Illinois…gosh darn the luck!  I felt awful all day, not sure how much help I was…but at least I was there, right?

I take that back, the not doing anything at all yesterday…I did do a light upper body strength training workout.  Then followed that with a light core workout before work this morning…nothing too strenuous…but at least I’m getting back in the habit.  The light strength training doesn’t do a lot for me other than reinforce the habit of exercise and that’s what I’m working on now.

Still haven’t gotten back to writing…although I did sign up for Camp NaNo for August…so maybe not writing so much in July will be just what I need to succeed in August.

As for the kitties…well, sometimes they seem to be getting along and other times not so much.  Spook still chases Scout like she wants to kill her, but it must not scare Scout too much since she’s jumping out from behind doors attacking Spook…come to think of it, maybe that’s why Spook is trying to kill her!

I think I’ll actually be able to hit up the farmers market this weekend…I did pick three small ripe tomatoes from my “garden” the other day…yum!  I wouldn’t mind some green beans, cucumbers, summer squash, peaches and who knows what else…I’m ready for some taste tempting fresh-from-the-farm produce.

Alright, now it’s time for me to think about getting some sleep so I can (hopefully) wake up in the morning feeling better…no more upset tummy, fever, and headache please…

3 Responses

  1. Sorry your not feeling well. Some fresh produce might be just what your body needs to get better soon! Kittens are so much fun. Having a litter is very entertaining, as they practice their sneaking-up skills and attack mode.

  2. Get well soon!!!
    And as far as working out goes: doing something is always better than doing nothing! 🙂

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I’ve been lacking in the motivation department as far as my running is concerned. I wish I had a running coach like my dragon boating coach!!! Feel better.

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