Hey Mom, look what I did!


Look at that sweet face…what a little doll!             Or maybe not…

Came home from work…toilet paper completely unwound from a nearly full roll of TP…wrapped around the stool…multiple times.  Someone had fun while I was working hard today.

11 Responses

  1. Just missing Mom and trying to occupy the time. ✯◡✯

  2. Awww hahaha how cute!! 🙂
    But yeah, kittens do all these crazy things!
    That’s why my Rox isn’t allowed in all the rooms lol. If he can’t get to it, he can’t destroy it!

  3. Ha! My cat used to do that, now he’s just too lazy. He spends mos of the day tormenting the parrot and watching squirrel tv through the patio doors. Very cute little kitty cat!!! What would we do without our pet?

  4. awww! how precious! my bff got a kitten a couple of days ago and she’s never had one of her own. oh my! it’s been hilarious hearing the stories. and i think a stranger must have come into your house. scout looks too cute to have done that!

    • hmm…I suppose it could have been Spook…nah…she did this once a couple of years ago, but this had Scout written all over it…look at how proud she looks!

  5. There is a reason God gave baby animals such innocent cuteness. 🙂 At least you know she had fun today, and didn’t bother Spook.

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