Neighborhood park

I’m so thankful that I live in a city that values green space.  There are several really nice parks in town and one of them happens to be within walking distance of my house.  I went there to walk around the other day..probably would have spent more time had it not been in the 90s!

Tired? Sit a spell…

Now what kind of scary tale can I concoct in these woods?

5 Responses

  1. That looks like a good place for inspiration! Nice place to go for a walk.

    • There are also fields to let your dogs run loose in, shelters, playgrounds, tennis courts, etc…the woods just really appealed to me that day.

  2. Walking in a park is lovely!! Last night I was out walking about the neighborhood. Exploring a little, because I haven’t really since moving there a few months ago. There’s this park thing that I go to when going to the grocery store, wanted to explore it further, but… it was barely a park at all hahaha. So I just went to the park I explored before haha. It’s just so calming and peaceful, nature and the sound of my footsteps.

    • I grew up out in the country, so for me, parks with a lot of trees and hills remind me of home…it’s always so nice to interact with nature…

      • Oh that’s really nice! I grew up in the middle of a city right next to a busy road! :3 then I moved with my parents to a quieter place and now I moved away from the big cities. Not really the country side, but close enough!!

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