Camp NaNo, day 17

Aparelho de ar condicionado

Aparelho de ar condicionado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Holy moly, it’s way too hot around here to be camping.  If I can’t have air conditioning, then I don’t want to go.  And who wants to cook hotdogs around a campfire when it’s in the 90s?  I’ll take that icy cold smoothie today, thank you very much. Thank goodness this is just a virtual camp!  I went out early this morning to buy groceries for the week (ugh…I have to go back to work tomorrow…darn, darn, darn!!) and my hair was just drenched by the time I finished carrying things into the house.  Then I went out back and fed the birds, watered plants (I have a tomato turning red!!) and filled the bird bath.  The humidity is horrid!! So I pretty much stayed in the rest of the day.  Read the newspaper, got a little housecleaning done, some filing completed, a little reading for pleasure, petting the cat (when she wasn’t asleep under the comforter on my bed, what’s up with that?  Spook, it’s hot!!  You’re going to suffocate.), and yes, some more writing for Camp NaNoWriMo…another 2137 words today~  I’ve got a total of 35,042 words written now.

I’m serious, over 35,000 words.  And today, the beginning of what I wrote was pretty good and the ending of what I wrote has some potential…funny how your best writing happens when you’re in the zone, isn’t it?  The beginning and the ending of today’s writing session just flowed while I really struggled with the middle…and that’s the part that isn’t particularly good.  Hmm…not sure what the lesson is in that, but I’m sure there’s a lesson somewhere.

I’m having kind of a problem with this writing my novel in 30 days thing though.  There’s no way I’m going to be able to tell the entire story in this first 30 days.  So, am I writing a series here?  Because if I am, then I have to figure out where to end the first book.  I sure don’t want to write a 1000 page first novel and I’m afraid that’s where this would be headed unless I go for a series.  What do you think?  Personally, I enjoy reading a series, so…hey, why not?

4 Responses

  1. Go for the series! That’s wonderful that you’re killing the word counts every day! Yay!

  2. If all else fails, just go with writing everything and then splitting it in book sizes… at least, that’s what I would do.

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