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"Books are weapons in the war of ideas&qu...

“Books are weapons in the war of ideas” – NARA – 513575 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, as most of you know, I’m writing a book.  This book has  been running around in my head for years, so I feel like I haven’t had to do a lot of planning, outlining, character building, etc.  Seems like that has all been done over the years as I’ve thought about every aspect of this story.  So good…that makes it, well not exactly easier, but not quite as difficult as it might otherwise be.

But today, all of a sudden, an idea for a new book hit me.  I had to grab paper and a pen to start making notes.  Within just a few minutes, I had three pages filled with notes, questions, thoughts…all the who, why, where, what, when, and how things that make a story a story.  It was exciting to have a new story forming in front of me.  To think about these new characters and what made them who they are.  To plot out the path the tale will take. Locale, personalities, and, of course, the plot twist.

So, for all of you writers out there, is that how your new stories take shape?  Do they just smack you upside the head and say, “Write me!”?  Because that’s sure how this felt today.  Which is…um…well..pretty cool!

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  1. I’ve never had an idea smack me upside the head. Mine just sneak up on me, and then grow like that damn yeast ‘friendhsip’ bread starter and get all messy if I don’t write and keep writing.
    Can’t wait to hear more about your book!

    • haha…I’ve had a couple of ideas sneak up on me and grab me by the ankles, no matter how hard I twisted and kicked, they wouldn’t let me go…maybe that’s a sign…write already, you crazy person…

  2. That’s pretty much exactly how it happens for me, and it’s why I’ve got an entire list of writing projects “to do in the future.”

  3. That’s how the good ones come–wait. Not true. The really REALLY good ones come just like that, true…but then need very little editing to bring them up to submittable status. Fun read. Good write.

  4. I’m constantly getting new ideas, but no, I’ve never experienced what you describe: an entire book in one full swoop.

  5. You have unlocked the storehouse of your brain. 🙂

  6. I’m so behind on reading your blog! I’m sorry ;w; you’re publishing way faster than I can read! But I still wanted to give my thoughts on this.
    For me stories don’t come to me in that way. Useless it’s an idea shyly making itself known. It’s small and easily flees back into the darkness of my mind.
    So I have to gently encourage it. If I really want to keep it, I write that initial idea down. Then it can just sit there for a long time. Sometimes in my head the idea slowly expands and parts of the story reveal itself to me. A scene here, a scene there.
    For me it takes a lot of time to get an idea anywhere haha. Most shorts I write just start from a scene I see in my mind and I build on that.
    Bigger ideas often come from dreams (I get really wacky adventure dreams <3) and it takes a long time for a lot of ideas to fully form.
    IDK! haha. I have 4 big projects… so… let me see…
    "Whatever" came from character development, background stories I wrote for my character Ren. So I wanted to write his whole story.
    "TSS" came from a stupid self-indulgent idea and is now super far removed from that idea. It's not more of a complete story.
    "Kaos" comes from a single scene I imagined, and it hasn't gone much further than that to be honest.
    "Trapped" started as a dream, but it's totally not about the dream anymore haha. This story is also really small, but for it I have many ideas for the world and plot.
    I guess things happen quite organically for me. I just don't see myself get an idea and immediately write 3 pages of notes haha. It takes time.

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