Camp NaNo, day 15

NaNoWriMo Stats

NaNoWriMo Stats (Photo credit: elkit)

I really thought I’d manage to write more while I’ve been on vacation this week…but I haven’t managed to do that much more writing.  Today I ran around all morning, not really doing much of anything.  Yesterday I went to one of the local parks, walked and took pictures.  I guess that’s kind of what vacation is about…taking the time to do something enjoyable, right?  I think I’ll hit the farmers market tomorrow morning.  I haven’t been to it at all this year, so this would be a treat.

As far as Camp NaNoWriMo goes, I’m doing well…I wrote another 1826 words today which puts my total at 30,775…well beyond the halfway point!  Funny, yesterday I felt like I was just writing to be putting words out there, nothing that was worth anything.  Today, most of what I wrote felt like it really contributed to the story…so, we’ll see if that’s true or not when I go back through it later (like next month).

It just amazes me that, in a little over two weeks, I’ve managed to write over 30,000 words of this story that’s been begging to be written for years.  Ahh…finally…I’m doing this!