There’s a song stuck in my head…

Lake Monroe

Lake Monroe (Photo credit: cindy47452)

…oh yeah, it’s “Vacation”!  That’s right, I’m on vacation (again, as someone reminded me…what?  Am I supposed to feel guilty that I have vacation time and am going to use it?  Ha!  Not in this life, girl.).  Let’s see, it started at 4:30 this afternoon and I already feel so much more relaxed and refreshed!

What am I going to do?  Hmm…well, I was planning a little road trip to Nashville, TN, but apparently my friend isn’t going to be able to go right now.  So, maybe on my next vacation?  I’ll still have one more before the summer is over, so there’s plenty of time.  But I’ve got a good friend in the Indy area so I think I’ll make a quick drive up there and do something fun.  And I’ve been thinking about going to the lake to cool off, walk on the beach (if that’s what you want to call it here in land-locked Indiana) and take some pictures.  Doesn’t that sound relaxing?  Oh yeah, and I’m planning to do some writing while I’m off too.

Speaking of writing, I managed to lay another 1776 words down tonight for my Camp NaNo writing gig…that brings the total up to 22572…yikes!  Almost halfway to 50000.  Is that crazy, or what?  Making some progress and trying to hone my craft…and lovin’ (almost) every minute of it!