Camp NaNo, day 10

Italian Sausage Stromboli

Italian Sausage Stromboli (Photo credit: @joefoodie)

Wow!  Ten days of some pretty productive writing.  Today was a little less productive than the previous nine days, but I still managed to get in over 800 words.  I’m just so exhausted.  I spent a terribly restless night last night, very little sleep.  Had to go to work early and it was nonstop all day.  One more day to work and I’ll be on vacation!!  Thank goodness!  I’m ready for a few days away from the daily grind.  And I’m hoping to be able to get a little more writing done on a couple of those days.

I’m feeling a little better about work these days.  Maybe I’m just getting used to some of the changes, who knows?  But whatever it is, I’ll take it.  It sure makes my days more pleasant to not just dread going in every day.

Oh, and I should probably confess, I didn’t eat a healthy dinner tonight.  I called and ordered a stromboli and picked it up after work.  Ate half and put the rest in the fridge for another day…well, okay…for tomorrow.  It was good…just not quite as good as the ones from Little Italy (the little pizza parlor I owned for about 13 years.  Ahh…some good memories associated with those times…and made some of the best friends in my life during those years.)  The strom was nowhere near as healthy as the fruit smoothie I had last night..but it sure was tasty.

But…this is going to be an early to bed night for me…how about you?


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  1. You’re having another vacation! How lucky for you. Early to bed? Naw, I’m staying up all night so I can write. Don’t think I’ve ever had stromboli. I had a big bowl of wheat salad for supper. That’s red gelatin with soaked wheat kernels, a Kansas delicacy actually. YUM!

    • Another vacation? Sheesh…you make it sound like I take one a month or something~~ I might actually like the wheat salad…do you use the wheat berries? I see those at the health food store and wonder what to do with them!

      • Over the past year, I have been keeping track of your vacations and you do take a lot, but I do realize that’s a perk of being a corporate girl. Vacations, company car, and whatnot.

        Okay, wheat berries if that’s the fancy name for them. We’re harvesting wheat right now so I’ve got em by the bushel loads and sticking em in oatmeal, jello-o, pudding, you name it.

    • Well, I do get a good bit of paid vacation time each year, and I plan my vacations to get maximum impact while using the least amount of days possible at a time (like this time, I’m using only 3 vacation days, but getting 6 days off)…but company car? Ha…in my dreams!! With those wheat berries, do you make a cold salad with them using veggies mixed in? ‘Cause that’s what I’ve been seeing in magazines and blogs and it looks tasty.

      • Given that corporate-like statement you made, I say write them a letter insisting on a promotion, a raise and a company car. Tell them you will accept no less.

        No, I haven’t ever mixed wheat with veggies. Fruit, especially pineapple, is good with it. I’ll have to look into it. Seems rather chimera tho.

    • Insist? You don’t know much about these folks I work for, do you? Hahahaha!!

      • Oh. It’s like that is it? So what you need is a committee. Trust me. By the time this is done, your salary will be doubled. You may even be sitting on the board on the board. We’ll get you that company car, with a driver.

    • Ooh…I’ve never been a big fan of committees…the ones I’ve taken part in seem to have a lot of back stabbing, mean spirited folks…they’ll smile to your face while deciding which knife to use to cut your throat…I’m always hoping they’ll at least choose a razor sharp one so it’ll be over quickly…hate that sawing back and forth thing…

  2. sleep is good for writers for sure.

  3. An early night sounds good, it’s been a busy day here. I’ve only had stromboli a couple of times, but it was yummy!

  4. Two of my goals are to find the best strom and the best tamale. When I lived in Bloomington, we would get stroms at Swing-In Pizza. They were good. While you’re on vacation, plan on a trip to Greenwood. Let me know if there’s anyplace you want to go.

    • I’ll have to try Swing-In, haven’t been there for a while. I picked mine up from Monroe County Pizza yesterday…you know, pretty convenient from work. And I was thinking about coming up later this week…I’ll get with you in the next day or two…oh, and congrats on the adoption!!

  5. 800 words is an awesome accomplishment when you’re exhausted and over-stressed. On days like that, I can barely manage 200. Good job!

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