Thank the Lord (and Al Gore) fer that newfangled internet thing…

English: www,domain,internet,web,net

English: www,domain,internet,web,net (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes indeedy, this here world wide web thang is mighty handy!  Why I don’t know if most of y’all ‘members havin’ to go down to the BMV and spend half a yer day thar waitin’ to get yer new plates or not, but I surely do.  Next to havin’ to go to the lady doctor, that was the day of the year that I dreaded the most.

Now, I don’t know if y’all know this or not, but you can renew yer plates without ever havin’ to set foot in that daggone BMV place.  I raise my right hand and swear on little ole Spook’s life, I’m tellin’ ya the truth.  And it’s all ’cause a that big ole internet thang.  Fer sure!  Ya just fire up that ole computer, do a little bit a typin’, and bam!!  Ya gots yer plates all renewed, just like that!

Now I surely don’t mean to mislead ya, ya still gotta wait fer yer little ole sticker to come to ya in the mail, but that ain’t no big thang, I’m thinkin’.  Not when ya compare it to what it was like back in the olden times when ya had to sit thar on them hard old chairs just a waitin’ and waitin’ fer ’em ta call yer name. No sirree bob…when that ole Al Gore invented the big ole world wide web, well…I swan…that was one of the bestest inventions of all time…so I just wanna give a big thank ya to the man, yes indeedy!!


7 Responses

  1. That was just brilliantly hilarious!! LOL
    That’s besides the point that I have no idea what you’re talking about! (not because I can’t understand what you wrote, just don’t know anything about the topic?? Not sure what BMV is anyway. Let alone what “renewing plates” beholds. I’m thinking car license plates? Don’t have that here….)

    • funny!! yep, you got it license plates…BMV=bureau of motor vehicles…isn’t the lingo in the U.S. hilarious??

      • The US is hilarious by just existing, but that’s a whole other topic XD
        But yeah, we don’t really have that kind of thing here, just regular car checkups or whatever.

      • funny!! you don’t have to get license plates for your cars in the Netherlands? How are taxes there? Jobs? How are the immigration laws? Kidding…I’m just kidding…kinda~

      • No you do have license plates, but that’s handled when you buy a car. After that there’s no hassle about them. You don’t have to go register them somewhere.
        Taxes are different here I think?? I’m not really sure.
        Immigration laws? What’s that, let em all come! (not really though haha)
        I’m generally not really up to speed about a lot of things in my country. I do know we have a lot more social system than in the US. So being without a job is less of a hassle.

  2. I’ve been renewing our plates on Al’s internet for years–SO much better then doing it in person. Around these parts, they don’t even call your name–they give you a number–and then tell you which clerk to report to. All electronically. It seems to have sped things up a bit, but online is way better.

    • Oh my goodness, yes…anything I can do from home, I’m all over it! Here you take a number at the BMV too…really, it wasn’t too bad the last time I was there…but that doesn’t make for very good blog material…

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