Camp NaNo, Day 6


Novels (Photo credit: sbluerock)

I had the day off work today…nice!!  And what did I do with it?  Honestly…not a lot.  I did go to the grocery store just because I was down to 2 slices of bread, no milk and no fresh fruit or veggies.  So I got that taken care of for a few days.  But I couldn’t force myself to do much else…dishes, laundry, all of those daily chores, but nothing extra.  Oh well…it’ll all still be there waiting for me on my next day off!

I did write over 2,000 words today though.  And it was quick and easy to write.  Kind of a funny baby part of the story.  Reread what I wrote and was fairly pleased with it.  I can see myself making a few changes down the road, but there were a couple of humorous parts to it (think guys, dirty diapers…oops…).  I’m really pleased with how the writing is flowing so far.  I guess this was just the motivation I needed to get busy and just write…

4 Responses

  1. I’m so glad to hear the words are flowing like a river. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you had a relaxing day, and a productive writing day! Bet you smoked the ladies in your cabin…

    • Well, there’s one lady who is running neck and neck with me…and a lady who either hasn’t started or hasn’t been tracking her words…

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