Spook lives a tough life

I know, I know…I do way too many posts about my little Spooky girl…but she’s just so darn cute and entertaining…I didn’t get a picture today, but she was rolling around inside that canvas cat box thing I bought her a while back.  Rolling around so much that she tipped it over, then climbed out looking at me like I’d knocked it over with her inside.

Spook in the laundry basket

I’ve found her sleeping in the laundry basket several times…cute…at least the clothes in the basket still need to be washed, not like she’s sleeping on a pile of clean clothes.  Ha!  I put them away as soon as I fold them specifically so she won’t sleep on that pile of clean clothes…so there, little crazy cat!  The weather is gorgeous today so I’ve got the windows open…walked into the kitchen and she was sleeping in the kitchen window, in the sun, with the birds right outside the window at the feeder.  Maybe they realize she can’t get to them altho she does do that little cat chatter thing at them every once in  a while.  And she woke me up last night meowing, pacing back and forth across my pillow, around my head. As soon as I lifted the comforter up, she darted under the blankets, laid down by my feet and then held on to one of my feet with her front paws.  Of course, that’s always a scary thing.  If I move, is she going to scratch me?  Ahh…she has me right where she wants me, doesn’t she?  Poor little mistreated girl.

10 Responses

  1. She is one silly girl. Still laughing at her having hold of your foot. I remember those days! You are the prey and they are going to have you for dinner! lol I like how warm one’s lap gets when they’ve been sitting there. 🙂

    • I know, their little bodies sure generate a lot of heat…still not sure why she feels the need to sleep under the covers, but I’ve heard of other cats doing that too.

  2. Awww cute!! I’ll be getting my kitten tomorrow, so my house is gonna get torn apart soon! 8D

    • Are you really getting a kitten?? Can’t wait to see pictures and hear about all of the kittenish antics!

      • There are already pictures and even videos!! You can find them on her own blog 😛 http://roxypaws.tumblr.com
        I’m getting her from a coworker, so he send me some stuff 🙂

      • How cute…are you taking the darker one? Don’t you want them both???? Now you’ve made me want a kitten…thanks~

      • The white/brown one 🙂 The black one is already gone and the orange one is still available. I just don’t think I can financially support two, let alone being completely inexperienced with cats.

      • The good thing about cats (well, one of the good things…there are many good things about them), is that they are pretty independent…fresh food, clean water, and a clean litter box and they can make do…of course, they want attention, love, play time…heck, when you stop to think about it…most of the same things that we want!! Well…that and about 20 hours of sleep a day!

  3. awwww! I love reading about Spook! She is as silly as my girls.

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