Camp Nano, day 5


NaNoWriMo (Photo credit: hawaii)

Well, I had today off work…never a bad thing..and today it was a really good thing.  Gorgeous weather, right around 75 degrees, breezy, sunny…perfect weather.  I stayed up a little late last night and ended up sleeping in until 7…whew…that’s really sleeping in for me.  I sat down at my desk to check up on my friends while I ate breakfast, then decided to write a little on my novel before I had to go run some errands.  Managed to get in about 500 words before I had to head out.

After I got back home, I fixed lunch and sat down and watched “Days” (I know, I know…) then decided to do a little more writing.  I ended up doing 3 separate sessions today and got in 3254 words!!!  Really!  So I’m up to 12,589 words after 5 days.  I’m pretty excited about that.  And today’s writing was fun.  Kind of weaving some of the background info of some of the older characters (really, I guess these folks are the parents of the main characters) into the story.  Working more on developing some of the descriptive scenes in the story.  Dialogue comes easily to me, sometimes to the detriment of the scenes, I think.  So I’m really trying to add a little more description to my story.  We’ll see how that goes…

I’ve been communicating with the ladies in my cabin…everyone’s very encouraging and supportive…it’s nice to have a small group to share the writing woos and woes with (I know, I’m such a dork…).  I mean, the people I work with have a mild interest in what I’m doing, but the ladies in my cabin are trying to accomplish the same thing that I’m working on…kind of cool~

All in all, a nice, productive, peaceful day…ahh…


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  1. Ha ha, now I want to write a short story from this post, “The Ladies in My Cabin.”

    Seriously, it’s very impressive what you’re doing. What’s your plan once you’re done? With the results of your work I mean.

    • Hmm…the ladies in my cabin…the thought that ran thru my (sick, twisted) mind was a Jeffrey Dahmer type character narrating the novel…terrible, I know…

      What am I planning to do once I’m done? well, I hope to do some revision and come up with an actual novel…seriously…

  2. “All in all, a nice, productive, peaceful day…ahh…”

    Don’t you just love and savor days like this and with a supportive group of the same accord. Yes Indeed!!!

  3. I wish I could say the same about my cabin. I think it could be a great system, but I started with three people in my cabin. After the first day one of my cabin mates left and the other just never started. So I’m pretty much alone in my cabin. I decided to opt out of my cabin and get resorted. Hoping for better luck next time around. Happy noveling!

    • Aww…that’s too bad…we’ve got six in our cabin and only one person hasn’t started or at least communicated with everyone. Good luck with your novel!!

  4. Yay! You’re doing great! Isn’t this a wonderful writing program they offer? Where else can you get such support?

  5. The question of the day — do you really think Stefano is deade?

  6. OOps, duh, dead.

  7. Wow you’re going so fast!! 😀 congrats!
    I’m currently writing 750 words every day for Which is basically just spewing out my thoughts. To my surprise it only takes me about 15 minutes to put those words down.
    I guess I write faster than I thought.

    • I did 750words for several months…it got me back into the habit of writing daily~

      • Ah that’s good 😀 I’m generally just babbling a lot. But I also wrote the start of a shorty there. Hehe my short stories are generally less than 1000 words… so not sure what to call them… mini-stories perhaps?! I’m just experimenting/practicing with them.

      • I call mine short shorts…altho I think that name’s already been taken by something else entirely…

      • Yes clothes XD
        I like mini-stories a lot too though 🙂

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