Gardening? Not so much

I don’t know what’s happened to me this year, but I just haven’t been able to get motivated to do very much gardening.  I’ve got some tomato plants and a pepper plant growing, the lettuce is done what with the hot weather we had a week or so ago.  I just can’t seem to  convince myself to get out there and dig in the dirt.  Maybe I’ll just give the farmers market my business this summer.

Ooh…that reminds me, the little farmers market (as opposed to the huge, super-busy farmers market on Saturday mornings) starts this week on Tuesday afternoon/evening.  Just may have to meander on over there Tuesday and check out the offerings.  I guess, if I’m not going to do my own gardening this year, at least there are some local farmers who will be glad to do it for me…well, for the right price…

farmers market in B’town, 2011

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  1. I’m with you, Patti. What little work I did in the garden so far looks dismal. My tomato plants were okay until a tremendous wind and hail storm last week. I’m hoping other locals will have better luck.

    • We’ve had almost no rain this year, so I’m out there morning and night watering, and only doing in half-heartedly…poor plants…I hate hail…it can decimate your garden faster than a herd of hungry locusts…

  2. It’s much easier to get fresh produce from the farmer’s market. 🙂 Look at all the writing time you’ll save!

  3. I don’t have a garden, so I don’t really do any gardening at all haha. I usually just buy things at the grocery shop. Not really sure about any farmer’s market around here either 😐 and I live out in the country side?? Oh well. Maybe I should look up some information.

    • I grew up out in the country, we always had huge gardens..of course, that was back in the day when farmers markets weren’t as common as they are now. Since I live in a townhouse, I grow my “garden” in pots on my patio…just not so much this year.

      • Well I live in an apartment building. I do have a stupid balcony, but the winds would probably make the plants topple over just like that. Or whatever. Then again, the plants would probably die from me forgetting to care for them haha.

      • I saw pictures a guy had posted online of his balcony garden…it was amazing! He had contrived some sort of get-up that supported his tomato plants…they were the healthiest looking tomato plants I’d ever seen…so it is possible…but yeah, the forgetting to water them could be problematic.

      • oh awesome haha 🙂 But indeed I’m lazy. Which reminds me, I should probably water my indoor plants :O

      • well…yeah…the indoor plants might enjoy a little drink every now and then…

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