Unhappy at work

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English: Book and apparatus for writing. Engraving (prints). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m still struggling with the changes that have been made where I work.  I’m trying my best to work through it, to remain positive and continue to do my job.  But oh my goodness, is it ever difficult!  With the changes that have been made to my schedule, I am not given the time to actually do my job.  And that stresses me out, knowing that the things that I’m supposed to be doing, the things in my job description, aren’t getting done…

Thank goodness for my writing!  Honestly, that has become my saving grace.  I work all day (or night, or mid-day…whatever…the schedule is different every day), come home feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything, but am able to sit down at the computer and write away my troubles.  I can get wrapped up in my short stories, my book, or my blog and leave the stress of work behind.  And for that, I am so grateful.  My writing has managed to keep me from falling into a pit of depression, has given me hope that things will get better.

However, writing hasn’t been able to tell me if things are going to get better where I am, or if I’ll have to make a change in order to find some measure of happiness at work again.  At least, my writing hasn’t told me that yet…maybe, if I delve deep enough, I’ll  find even those answers in my writing…who knows?

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  1. I hope you find some peace in your life. Keep writing and have faith! It will get better.

    • Thanks…I know, it always gets better…just got to keep moving forward through the unpleasantness…and I’ll keep writing, for sure!!

  2. I’m glad you have writing to work your way through this rough patch. It really is therapeutic! Blessings to you, wisdom and guidance.

  3. I hope things will just calm down at your job again. But yes, writing things out really helps! At least that’s what I’ve noticed. I just don’t always find the motivation to note down my rapid train of thought.

    • As far as the job goes, calming down, don’t know that that will happen…the question then becomes, can I live with it the way it is now? Thanks for your support.

  4. Sometimes a job change is a major leap of faith. With all of your experience, you shouldn’t have a problem finding another job. I’m so wishy-washy when things like this happen. Whether an optimist or a pessimist, my thinking is usually, “Well, things could be worse.” But when is worse enough? I stayed in a job for 29 years that had major ups and downs. I’ve never regretted leaving it, but that was my retirement. Albeit, without pension. I still am happy that I did. You are much younger than I was and makes the choice more difficult. And there is the satisfaction knowing that you did a good job. I’ll pray for guidance and peace whatever is your decision.Keep on writing and if you need to talk, you know where I am.

    • Thanks, Margaret…I know it could be worse…for sure. And I know very few people are totally happy in their jobs every day. Knowing all of that, it’s still a decision I need to make at some point in time. Hanging on right now, waiting to see if one of those positions withing the company come my way…so we’ll see, who knows which way the wind will blow on this thing?

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