Honeysuckle memories


Honeysuckle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to close at work tonight (yeah, like that’s one of my favorite things to do).  When I got home and stepped out of my car,  I smelled the unmistakable scent of honeysuckle…immediately took me back to my childhood.  Did you ever pull off the honeysuckle flowers and drink the nectar?  Ahh…the memories of growing up out in the country.

Then that made me think about the lightening bugs and how many more of them there were when I was a kid than there are now…is that true?  Or is it because I now live in town?  Same with butterflies…they were everywhere when I was a kid.  I still see them, but nothing like when I was a kid.  Again, we lived way out in the middle of nowhere, so that may be a factor.

But don’t you find it fascinating that scents can bring back such powerful memories?


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  1. We’ve had tons of butterflies this year. We’re always bug-ey here in farm country though. It’s funny you wrote this. Just the other day I walked by peonies and the smell brought me back to childhood.

  2. Oh that’s nice! I haven’t ever even heard of a honeysuckle haha. But yes, even I remember seeing more butterflies when I was younger, and I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere.
    For me scent is a very powerful. I guess I’m a bit sensitive to it.
    Childhood memories for me come back when I smell that distinctive smell of moisture. Not sure how to explain, but anyway, I grew up with my room in the attic and it was quite moist and thus that was the smell.
    I remember quite recently a box of my old plushes was opened, they smelled really strongly of moisture. I loved it haha.

    • I think scent brings back memories (good and bad) for most of us…you may be one of the only people I’ve ever heard of who enjoys that moist, musty smell…haha…that just goes to show how powerful scents can be when associated with pleasant memories…

      • Hahaha yes XD and I almost puke from bleach, so yay!
        But yeah, true. I just feel like I smell more than average people or something?! At least as far as I could tell, I could be wrong haha.

    • Funny…the bleach smell? My cat just writhes in joy (or what I assume is joy…she is a cat after all) when I use bleach (which isn’t very often…I hate the smell of it)…I keep thinking it can’t be good for her to be smelling it yet she rolls all over the floor when she smells it…yuck!

      • Hahaha I guess cats are weird like that. Or maybe she has a really strong happy memory with bleach? 🙂

  3. Oh, I agree, scents can transport us to another place and time. Those are some of the best trips! I never did that with honeysuckle, but I saw others do it.

    • Where I grew up, you could just walk out the front door and be hit with the scent of honeysuckle at certain times of the year…and of course, newly mown grass and the smell of impending rain…

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