I’m a dork…need proof?

Fashion Hairstyles for 2012

Fashion Hairstyles for 2012 (Photo credit: Agnes Jr)

Okay, this isn’t really something that I relish admitting.  I try to be this ultra-cool, sophisticated, modern, with-it chick…but somehow it never works out.  Yeah, I get the adorably chic hair style but refuse to take the time to style it myself…I mean, really…do you know how long it takes to use all of those expensive hair styling appliances every morning before work???  Do you???

And I go to these fancy schmancy stores to look at clothes, thinking I’ll walk out with new threads on my back and totally be stylin’…but no, it never works that way.  I end up buying the same old comfortable, safe, unstylish styles….so people never even know that I’ve bought new clothes, all of my clothes look alike.

I don’t go to clubs, very rarely go to parties…and the parties I go to are usually family parties or parties thrown by close friends (and really, aren’t close friends pretty much family anyhow?).  You’ll have to search high and low to find me in a spa or resort.  Manicure?  Pedicure?  Wow…when I wore nail polish almost every day it ended up damaging my normally strong, healthy nails…so I gave up the nail polish except for special occasions…and those don’t come around very often in my life…thank goodness.

Okay, if none of the above will convince you that I’m a dork…here’s the clincher…back in the day, in my teens and early twenties, I was practically an Osmond groupie!  Yep, there, I’ve admitted it…there’s no taking it back.  We (my friends shall remain nameless to protect their über sophisticated reputations) would travel around to see them every summer…trying to find out what hotel they were staying in (and we were usually successful in that regard), following them around…even staying on the same floor as they  did once…yep…kind of a stalker kind of thing going on here now that I think about it.  But we were kids…they were kids (well, okay…not really)…we were out having a good, safe time…our mothers loved us!  Think about it, instead of having dorks for daughters they could have had party animals that they had to spend every minute worrying about…that’s it…I became a dork for my mom…yes!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it~


Stories in my mind

Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, I’ve decided to leave Sean and Becky for a while…in the infancy of their romance.  I will definitely return to them, as they are two of my favorite characters.  But I’ve decided to do a little series of posts about childhood…

Not the childhood that many of us were fortunate enough to experience.  Not a childhood filled with the hot, dusty summer days of riding your bike with your friends, racing down the hills pretending you were racing on motorcycles or horses.  Not the cold snow days when school was cancelled,  where the gang got together and built snowmen and snow forts and had snowball fights before going inside to hot chocolate and fresh-from-the oven cookies.

Not my own childhood, at least…not totally my own childhood.  There will be elements of my childhood, but it will be up to me to disguise those elements, to make you forget about me and think only of the child in the story.   I’m afraid it’s a childhood that will be all too familiar to a lot of folks.  A childhood filled with adults who don’t do what they’re supposed to do and who do lots of things that  they’re not supposed to do.  A childhood filled with monsters hiding in the shadows, but no super-heroes swooping in to the rescue.  A childhood where little children live in hopeless despair, blaming themselves for all of the evil that surrounds them, knowing much too young, that they deserve the hateful words, the pain and fear that they live  with each and every day.

Is there any hope at all?  Is there any way out of this darkness?  Ahh…we’ll have to see how the story unfolds…