Crazy darn cat…

 Oh, look at her…isn’t she sweet?  Ha!  It’s an act, I tell ya!  I was leaning on the kitchen counter talking on the phone…you know, totally minding my own business…not bothering the cat at all.  She walked into the kitchen, walked up to me, grabbed my foot with her two front paws, flopped down on the floor and started digging at my foot with her hind paws while still maintaining her hold with her front paws (read that claws).

In my sternest tone (not my cat whisperer tone), I said, “Spook, stop it!”  Uh…yeah, that worked…so I drug my cat-imprisoned foot over to the cabinet under the sink where I keep a spray bottle of water (you think this hasn’t happened before?).  I picked up the bottle, then wondered if this was the water bottle or the Windex bottle…hmm…sure don’t want to spray the little monster (I mean, little darling) with Windex.  Then I decided it probably didn’t really matter what was in the bottle because usually all I have to do is shake it, which I then did.  Ah yes, that’s the ticket.  She released me, backed up with squinty eyes, then turned and ran into the living room.

Ha!!  I proved that I am at least as smart as the crazy darn cat…right?  Didn’t I?  Or did I?